Saturday, February 12, 2005

Walking around Taipei

In this city that never sleep, if you live around here even at night you can still do something outside your home. You can buy snacks on the street just like I did then let your kids play in the playground while you watch them. Some youngster also play music there not for money they said but they accept beers. One of their musical band member is caucasian. He is the one who play the guitar. Posted by Hello

Ordering the food outside the restaurant first before you enter it. Posted by Hello

Yung Kang Street where we ate last night. I saw many foreigner walk around here looking for a good place to dine. Posted by Hello

Chiang Kai Sek statue Posted by Hello

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danty said...

salam kenal mbak yohana enak banget disana malem masih rame kalo disini jam6 aja toko2 bahkan mall udah pada tutup