Friday, August 17, 2007

3 Days Spiritual Revival

I know that I should have post stories about my trip to Taiwan but first I like to post this story first because they are still fresh in my mind. But don't worry I will post my stories when I was in Taipei for 6 weeks later!

On Bethany church where I used to go and where my parents are still going we had a 3 days seminar by Rev. Joyce Meyer and together with that we also had a 2 days Hillsong Concert with Darlene Zschech and then 1 day concert by Delirious?

So from August 13 until 15, I went to the church sometimes twice a day. Morning session and evening session too. What can I say? These people are so good!!!

They are so passionate about God and because of that they inspire so many people to be more passionate with God just like them! Well.... I want to be more passionate about God too and after I listen to these amazing people I feel so blessed with the deeper understanding about my relationship with Him.

My husband has been a fan of Darlene Zschech for several years now since he heard her song over the radio one day. So he always accompany me to the seminar. Sometime we went with my parents. Sometime only with my mom and the last time we went, we went with my uncle and my aunt. It's kind of funny though, because I feel like I went to a rock concert with my parents , my uncle and my aunt. How weird is that? This is because a lot of Delirious? songs are in a rock style.

It's kind of hard to jump around and dance when your parents, your uncle and your aunt are standing next to you....if you know what I mean...hahaha....

But when I saw an elderly Chinese lady in front of me dancing....well....that's the end of my shyness... I start to jump and dance and wave my hands like crazy....hahaha!!! Who cares right? God loves to see us dancing like crazy to praise him. Just like King David !

If you want to know, so many people jump, dance and sing too until the ground is shaking like there is an earthquake!!

It's an amazing feeling!

To make you understand , most Indonesian are very traditional and especially in Surabaya, we don't have rock concerts that often. Very rare actually. If we do have rock concerts is mostly worldly type not the church type and the people who goes to church do not expect to hear a real UK style rock concert! It was funny actually when you see their surprise faces. They came to the seminar expecting to sing those gentle songs that church always sing and BAM!! These guys sing and dance like rock stars!

For me it was not something new. When I was still dating my husband, he like to take me to many concerts. Together we have been to Jon Bon Jovi, Usher, Michael Jackson ( he did ), Janet Jackson, etc.

We do not limit ourselves to these type of concerts. We also go to see many classical concerts. At Sarah Brightman concert, we sat at the first row. Les Miserables, Sunset Boulevard, Riverdance, etc. I can't even remember them one by one.

We even go to see Bill Cosby. He is a very funny yet polite comedian. We love him!

Then we also go to Christian crusades, Christian concerts too So yes, we know how to behave if we go to any of the show that I mention above.

But most of the people here in the church do not know how to react when they heard Delirious? play. Luckily they know most of the Hillsong's songs by heart so they love it.

Beside a fan of Darlene Zschech, my husband AND my mom are fans of Joyce Mayer. Personally I have never sit down and listen to her TV shows so this is my first time to hear her preach and boy do I regret so much that I never listen before! She is so good!!! Now 4 of us are her fans! That number include my dad.

Darlene Zschech and the lead singer of Delirious ( Martin Smith ) both also preach and speak in the tongue too and pray for people who stand in front of the stage. This is especially with Martin. I saw at least one man was touch by holy spirit and he went down.

For a quick look of the concerts I posted below 2 clips of Darlene and Delirious?