Friday, February 18, 2005

So many people love me !

I come from a close big family. Personally, my own family is small since I am the only child. But my mom has 7 siblings and my father has 3 siblings. All of them are very dear and close to us. And when that number ( 7+3 ) added with their spouses and children with their spouses as well, and later with their children. Well... the number just jump significantly. It's hard to keep track on my nephews and nieces' names now. One thing for sure.... the higher the number the more people who loves my son and he knows it because the gifts are just keep on coming !

Gifts are coming daily for my family from lovely lovely people. Posted by Hello

Grandpa loves me and he likes to play with me Posted by Hello

Later that at Carefour my son can ride this and pretend that he is a cop chasing a bad guy. Posted by Hello

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