Sunday, February 13, 2005

Don't forget to eat juicy little buns in Taipei !

If you happen to come to Taipei, don't forget to try to eat the best "Siaw Lung Pao" . I think you can ask anyone in Taiwan for the direction to go to that restaurant but I have to remind you not to go in weekend night or you will have to wait for an hour and it's easy to get distracted to eat other food while you are waiting for your table because around that restaurant there are other great restaurants to eat !

All I can say is, go there for lunch in weekdays when they are not too busy. I have been there 3 times and I always have to wait for my table. They even take your order outside ! Why? Because they want to make sure that you eat the freshest buns that just come out from their steamers !

I heard that after hundreds or more experiments they found the best way to make this dish. Like how many folds it takes to close the skin around the meats. I think the answer is 13 folds.

Why is their buns is so speacial? Well... this is how to define if a Siaw Lung Pao is great or not. One, the meat off course has to taste great. Second, the skin has to be so thin but elastic so that when you use your chopsticks to lift it up from the steamer , it won't breaks. Third, it has to have a soup in it, or it's own juice that is when you carefully bite it , the juice will burst ! Make sure you bite it gently or you will ended up with a mess ! Hahaha ! Make sure also that you won't waste the juice because it is like the essence of this dish.

The best "Siaw Lung Pao" in the world is in Taipei. Posted by Hello

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