Monday, January 16, 2006

Baby News Update

For the past few weeks, every week I have to go to hospital for many reasons but it's all for the preparation for my surgery to deliver the baby. Because my condition has the high risk of loosing tons of blood, so the doctor made me donate my own blood for the surgery start from a month before the surgery date. I am scheduled for 3 blood donation procedures. So for every week that I need to donate, I also need to have my blood drawn to check if my red blood count level is good. For a pregnant woman, when I need to donate the blood, the nurse also has to give me an IV at the same time. To make it more miserable for me, I have tiny and difficult to find arteries. So most of the time when they stick a needle in my arms ( or hands, even knuckle area ), they need to do it couple times first. So you can imagine what my arms look like right now... I look like a drug users! They are full of bruises and holes! It's getting harder and harder to find unused arteries!

So far I donated my blood twice and each time left me feeling drained and tired. But the third one, they have to cancel it because now I came out with new complication. High blood pressure going sky high! The highest record was 160 over 112 ! It's too dangerous for me to donate my blood with that kind of blood pressure. So the doctor put me on high blood pressure medication now. Unless the number can go down significantly they won't be able to take my blood.

I also went to see a urinary specialist who is going to reconstruct my bladder. He did a procedure where he insert a camera into my bladder without anesthesia! Is not a pleasant thing, I can tell you that.... But at least my condition is not too bad. The placenta do not grow too deep into the bladder. If they do, then every time I peed I will also peed blood! I am glad that's not what happen with me.

So right now, my focus stays on rest and eating healthy for the baby because just like with my son, there is a big chance that I can deliver the baby anytime so I need to make sure that the baby weight is optimum. Weird thing is, being pregnant doesn't make me feel more hungry. So far I have gain 15 lbs.

My husband helps a lot because he makes sure that I eat fish everyday and livers to give me more irons. I took 2 high dose of irons supplements too daily.

So it was a pleasant surprise when on my last ultrasound visit in the hospital last friday, they told us that we have a chubby baby! Give or take 1 lb less or more, the baby is already weight 7lbs 14 ounces! She looks so cute and round in the ultrasound picture. Because of her size, she really ran out of space in there but yet she still manage to move a lot! I mean A LOT!

I love watching my tummy move around, going up and down, left and right. It's just so cute! And miraculous! And she is so responsive. If I lightly scratch my tummy, it always tickle her. She always move away from the spot that I scratch! So funny! Then everytime we poke her lightly, she will kick back right away! One time my son keep pressing on the same spot and she keep pushing back too! Until I am the one who has to make them stop! Well... what do you expect... I am the "skin" and it's getting painfull!

In the church, I sat next to another lady who is also pregnant. I felt so funny because her tummy maybe big but it stays still while my tummy is like dancing!

The thing I love the most about being pregnant is this... feeling the miraculous baby moving around inside of me. Nothing beats that! No matter how hard she kicks or punch. Or how much she move around inside. I love every seconds of that experience! I love it so much that even 6 months after I gave birth before to my son. I still have the "feeling" that I still have a baby kicking inside of me !

Drug Bust

On January 9th, around 9 PM we saw 2 police cars in front of our neighbor's place. At first I thought there was a burglary but then the policeman said that it's not. They didn't want to explain it further. Yet one of them ended up parking outside that place the whole night through even until the next day! They changed shifts every couple hours.

We tried to get information again from them but they still refuse to tell us anything. Until around 3 PM everything changed. All of a sudden my neighborhood is full with policemen, ambulances, and fire trucks! They even build tent with several tables under it! Things just got weirder and weirder!

I called the manager of this housing area to asked her if she can tell us what's going on but even she knew less than us! The police didn't bother to explain it to her. They broke into my neighbor's place on their own.

At night, I saw few people that dress up in moon suit kind of clothing walking in and out of that place. They took a lot of things out, put them on the tables under the tent and took some pictures of them. Just like in the SCI movie! By then I can guess what's going on in my neighbor's place, and I was right. It's a drug bust....

Just to let you know that actually my area is a safe area. We normally do not see crimes happens here. In fact I am still surprise that my neighbor made ecstasy pills in their home! They are always so nice and quiet. Always friendly to us. We never saw gangster type of people around our neighborhood at all. One thing that my husband notice that's weird is that they like to park their car in the visitor parking spot while letting their guests to park their cars inside their garage. Usually is the opposite right?

Well...that's all folks....a little interesting moment for us here in our normally quiet neighborhood....