Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy 11th Anniversary To Us

I believe that every year our marriage getting older is something to celebrate. How many percent of marriages last more than 11 years long?

This year is our 11th Anniversary and I have known my husband for longer than 13 years. Amazing how fast time flies when you DO having fun. Now look at us, 11 years later, with our marriage stronger, more content, loving each other in more mature way. Less arguments sure feel great, huh?

This year has been like a whirl wind, suddenly we are already in October again. To be honest, I was caught off guard that suddenly that day was my anniversary day. My mind was constantly on our new company. And my husband is always shy with anything smell like anniversary or birthday, but he NEVER forget my birthday or anniversary even though he is never all too sweet about it.

So we celebrated it by going to eat Teppanyaki at Surabaya Town Center. I think it is the most enjoyable dinner we had in a while. There is joy, content, peace, laughter between us. We were truly relax enough to enjoy ourselves.

But the best part is one very special gift that we received that day. The gift is from my pastor Philip and his wife, Irene.

I think what I always do is not that uncommon that every time we have our anniversary I like to ask God to pour more of that Canna Wine into our marriage, to make it always stay loving, stay fresh, and more mature. The older the better, just like the wine that Jesus made in Canna.

Well... when I pray for the Lord to give us Wine from Canna, I was talking figuratively off course.

Hey, what do you know... suddenly that day our pastor and his wife, who just returned from Jerusalem, gave us the real Wine of Canna ! It said on the label " Marriage Wine " ! Wow !!!

When I called them to thank them of the very thoughtful anniversary gift, they were both confuse. It turn out none of them knew that they gave us the best anniversary gift ever ! They don't even knew that day was our anniversary !

We all have a laugh about it. It was God doing something very very sweet to us. The deeper I knew about God, the more I found that He is a humorous God. He can be FUN. And He has many creative ways to make me laugh out loud !!!! I truly enjoy His humors !!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer 2009

This summer we went back to Taipei for 3 reasons.

The most important reason of all, we went back so we can baptist Richard's grandparents. The second reason is for the children to see their grandparents, the last time they went back to Taiwan is 2 years ago. The third reason is for business reason.


2 weeks prior our journey to Taiwan , we received a phone call from my father in law that his father had a stroke and in a coma. Then soon after that his mom maybe because too tired she was hospitalized also but at a different hospital.

With the support of our church brother and sisters who support us through their prayers. We went to Taipei actually absolutely with no experience and pretty much clueless on how we should tell the coma grandpa and the sickly grandma about Gospel.

What we learn later on is that no matter who clueless and inexperience we are but if God decided to be merciful to our family, there is no power in the world that can stop God from working to save our beloved grandparents.

I am not trying to act humble when I say that we are clueless and inexperience. This IS our FIRST time ever trying to tell non-believers about Gospel and want to baptist them too.

Before we went to Taiwan, I prayed to the Lord. I said, " Lord, I believe that there is nothing impossible or too difficult for You to save Richard's grandparents. As long as we do our part in telling them about the Gospel, then your power will take over after that. I just have one small request Lord. Can You give me a sign if grandpa has received You as his personal savior?" . I asked this because he is in a comma and I am guessing he will not be able to speak loudly or something.

So when we arrived in the hospital where he stayed in it's ICU, Richard and his dad went straight inside. Richard did not waste time, he just start whispering to his grandpa's ear about Jesus. Then because we only had 30 minutes, Richard asked his grandpa who is in comma to follow his prayer to receive Jesus as his savior. Right after Richard said Amen, all of a sudden his grandpa open his eyes and his lips moving for sometime before he return to his comma. Only until the next day God reminded me that this is the sign that I have been asking for. Praise Him !

From the first hospital we went to the second hospital to visited Richard's grandma. When we arrived, his grandma was crying begging for everyone not to safe grandpa because she said his condition is too pitiful and she also wants to die together with him. Anyway they are both in their 90's.

Again, Richard didn't want to waste time. He start asking his grandma if she knows about Jesus. To be honest we expect her to say no. But she said yes! Richard asked, "how come?". Then she told Richard about her past that Richard never know. She said she was given away by her parents to another family but she still knows the news about her siblings and she said she has 7 siblings who all converted to become Christians!!! Imagine how surprise we were ....

Then Richard just straight asked her if she wants to receive Jesus as her savior too? She said yes!!! Hallelujah!!! So Richard lead her in the prayer and she repeat what ever Richard said. Then Richard asked Kai Kai to pray for his great grandma! So sweet .... during this time I was with La La but I keep praying in tongue to support Richard. The Lord is so GOOD !!!


For Kai Kai, he can easily adjust himself to his grandparents , uncles, and cousin. But for La La it takes time because the last time she saw them she was only 18 months old. Plus she is more shy than Kai Kai. But after a while, she start to blossom again to be her normal lively self. She start laughing nonstop again, chatting with her grandma in Mandarin !!! Then she suddenly sang many Mandarin children songs that she learned at school in Surabaya at the delight of her grandparents ! She impressed them with her singing ! Heck... even Richard and me were very surprise because we never heard her sing this many Mandarin songs back at home ...

It is so easy to please La La because she is just like me, us girls luuuvvvvv to travel and shop, hahaha! La La doesn't care if we bring her to a business meeting or just for a short walk to the market. As long as she can be outside of home, she is happy.

On the other hand, Kai Kai prefer to stay home to play with his cousin Rong Rong. He is busy teaching her how to win battles of Pokemon....sigh....

But I managed to drag him away from home to go to Taipei Zoo and to the aquarium at the South of Taiwan. Far from home.

Weird thing is, Kai Kai constantly miss eating his Western diet and Indonesian diet ( just like his mommy ). But La La prefer Taiwanese diet. Just like her daddy.

They both had a blast buying toys here in Taiwan because the truth is , toy shopping in Surabaya sucks !

We also brought them to eat and play at the night market in Kaohsiung.

Pic: Real Oysters hanging all over us ! Cool !


One reason we went back to Taiwan is for us to meet our new supplier. Again, God is always good to us. With His help we met a new supplier. To cut the story short. His name is Jacky and he is from the same University in Taiwan with Richard but he is older. For some amazing reason, he treat Richard like his younger brother and start teaching Richard a lot about the inside story of this Solar business. Then Jacky also bring Richard around to see some other factory owner and he tells Richard so many facts about solar application products ! Very very useful facts !

He even brought us to see his parents' in law home in the hill. His in laws family own the whole hill. That one hill hold 300 relatives of his wife. Very cool. All of them grew organic vegetables, fruits, chickens and over 2000 pigs ! All organic ! I ate the best organic chicken in my life ! Those chicken only been fed with organic corn that they grew themselves in that farm. The taste is soooo goood. When Jacky told me someone cried after tasting the chicken, I thought that is exaggerating, but when I taste the chicken myself....well.... let's say that....I am very close to crying myself. The chicken is that GOOD ! I am a believer myself now. So right away I made a few phone calls to Indonesia to arrange so that I can return his kindness. If he showed me what a great organic chicken should taste, and my oh my, I will never be able to enjoy chicken ever again after I taste that heavenly chicken. Well.... I want him to feel the same about white pepper, Chinese Five-spice blend, and curry. I have my own connection where I can get freshly harvest then dried then grind Indonesian best spices at it's best. I just wish I can taste my spices on his chicken though ..... sigh.....

At the end, we all shake hand and make an alliance. He supplied OSRAM with his products, and he agreed to be our supplier and we become his sole distributor in Indonesia. God is Great!

He even said that he knows that we are blessed people and he knows that God has sent us to him so he has to treat us well. This statement came out from the mouth of someone who is not even a Christian. Amazing isn't it? When God decided to open all the doors in heaven to bless us, who can close those doors?