Sunday, February 20, 2005

Massage, a great Indonesian's tradition.

In 1994 when I left Indonesia to study in the US, there weren't that many spas in Surabaya but these couple years they pop up like mushrooms ! Actually 2 years ago when I went back my other friend also asked me to try the spa but we didn't have time at that time, instead I sent my mother in law to try it and she came home with a glow on her skin ! She was so amaze at how well she felt after finishing the spa. Even her headache gone.

So this time I make sure I will have time to experience what is all the fuzz about Bali spa or Java spa. After consulting with my friend, they told us that we can have a couple session in the spa. I think for the first time, I will bring my husband to try Java spa first. To experience the world of Lulur, spices/ herbs facial, flower bath etc.

So we went to Martha Tilar's Spa in Mandarin Hotel. The price for 3 hrs couple package ( Rama & Shinta package ) is US $ 70. Then I add 1 hr herbal facial for us too. I think it cost US $ 33 for 2. So let's begin our bliss first experience in the spa....

First they gave my husband batik short pants and disposable panty for me. But when I open the plastic wrapper I realize that no way in hell I can fit in that panty ! It only comes in size small ! I guess most Indonesian are just so slim they always fit in that panty ! So they told me to be naked instead !

After we changed or naked in my case, oh I wear big towel in case you think I am some kind of exhibitionist. They told us to lay on the massage beds so we can have our body scrubbed with herbs. Then off we go to a beautiful shower room to cleans our body from the scrubs. I love the smell of the soap they provided there. They put it on a bowl instead of just a bottle with pumps. The shower head is also great since it is like a water cascade. Then after we dried off our body, it's sauna time but first they serve us cool water to prevent us from dehydration.

Then it's massage time !!! They use a fragrant oil to massage us. They start with our soles. They massage all the important points. At first I felt a little bit pain but then is like she press a button on my sole and just like that I am in heaven ! I fell asleep right then as if she turn off my stress button. My husband said it was embarassing hearing my loud snore.

I felt so good when they woke me up because now it is time for lulur, a body mask session with herbs and spices. Once it's done, they gave us facial while waiting for the mask to dry. Once of the reason why I snore so loud is because I have a stuffy nose. But again, she perform another miracle act. Again she press all the important points on my face and just like that I can breath again

After she scrub, moisterize, mask, and polish our face till they glow, they told us it's time for us to jump into the big hot tub for our fragrant bath time. So we jump into the big bath tub that is full of bubbles , all the while we were sitting in there while sipping our ginger tea and talk about each other experiences in the spa.

It was an amazing experience that we will like to explore again in the future.

But that is not it, we also has massage at home too but without all the beauty parts just relaxing and healing experience. Not just for us adult but also my son. He likes it too. Now he always ask us to massage him before he sleep. How nice.... :)

2 massage beds and the hot tub. Posted by Hello

My mom watching her grandson being massaged and entertained by a maid too. What an amazing live Indonesian has. Posted by Hello

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