Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Going to Taman Mini

Today on the way to see my mom's oldest sister and her daughter, we stop by in Taman Mini ( miniature Garden ) first to watch an IMAX movie about Indonesia ( very old one at that ) in Keong Emas ( Gold Snail ).

Well, even though the movie is extremely old but at least it was educational for my husband who knows nothing about my country. Luckily the movie is short so we did not get the chance to be bored yet. What made it a bit more fun was, we were seated in the VIP seats which is next to where only Presidents can sit. While everybody else has to squeeze in with other people, we are escorted to our VIP seats. A lot of those other people are watching us. Since I wasn't the one who pay for the tickets, I have no idea how much it cost. We also gets to use the Presidential restroom. Made me wonder how many important people had use this toilet bowl that I sat on ?

Then since my son saw another gondola ride, he insist on riding the gondola again to see around. He also ride a boom boom car too. My husband put him on his lap and let him drive the car. It's safe enough since we were the only one there.

From Taman Mini, we went straight to my cousin's home to see her and her mom. They live near Bogor. Far from Jakarta , yet they work in Jakarta. Go figure.

Since my aunt had a stroke a year ago, I wasn't sure if she truly remember me. I hope she did. The last time I saw her was in 1998 but the last time I saw my cousin was like 16 years ago if not more. She was surprise to see at how mature I look. The last time she saw me I was still small and she had to wake me up everytime she came to my home to teach me English, hahaha !

From there, we went back to Jakarta and went straight to the Mall. I think it was Senayan Mall or something, one thing that made me and my husband so happy is when we found a book store that is good enough for our taste. And they carry a lot of Taiwanese books ! Yeah !!!

Not a great day today because it rains heavily. A tropical rain at that ! So the pictures is blurry. Posted by Hello

Miniature of the Borobudur Temple, one of the 7 wonders in the world. Original location is in Middle Java. Posted by Hello

All of this rain did not dampen my son's happy spirit. He still enjoyed this gondola ride just like the one yesterday. The different was this gondola is so old that it was hard for me to take a picture because even though we are inside it, actually the rain leaked everywhere and since we had to close all the windows, it was so hot inside that we are soaking wet from both rain and sweat ! Posted by Hello

Miniature of Bali architecture style. Posted by Hello

Having a great time driving this car. Posted by Hello

In front of Keong Mas Imax Theater. Posted by Hello

Inside the theater while waiting for my uncle to pay for the tickets. Posted by Hello

Three of my most beautiful people in the world. Posted by Hello

Waiting for the movie to start. These are the VIP seats. Next to my father's side is where only the President and other country's can sit. Posted by Hello

My husband greed my aunt while my cousin Sioe watched. This was my cousin first time to see my husband. Posted by Hello

Eating lunch in my cousin Sioe's home. Posted by Hello

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