Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Surabaya, here we come !

Morning today, my husband took me to buy the camera that we like, the Nikon D70. This time the store has it and we got the best deal in Taipei ! I love it ! We get such a great price because the seller imported direct from Japan. Even the manual book is in Japanese. Lucky that I am so used with Nikon that I can guess where the buttons are. So at least I am not completely lost. With it I also purchase 1 Giga memory card.

Then we get ready to go to airport. We had dinner in airport too to fill the time.

Again, my son show how good he is by sleeping a long time all the way there. So we can all take a break. We arrived in Surabaya around 10 PM and with all the confusion and so many bagages, by the time we arrived at home we realize that we lost 4 of my suitcases !!!! Disaster ! I always afraid that someday I will loose my lugages, it turns out to be today. We lost all of our lugage because each of us thought the other already take care of them ! This is the problem when you have to many hands that helps you, funny huh? The more helpers we have the more confuse we are. We are so used of not having anybody to help us that we becomes so confused !

Thank God that when my father and my cousin, Bayu, and the driver, Djo went back to an already closed airport. They found all of the missing lugages still waiting inside a lock up airport ! And the guard was there and he has to open the airport just so we can get the suitcases back. Because they already pass the customs, none of them are locked ! But none of our stuff are missing. Again thank God ! So we all can sleep fitfully tonight.

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