Friday, March 24, 2006

Mr. Stupid Mad

"Once upon a time, there was a boy named Mike. He lives in a city with his parents. His father works for the National Geography as the photographer, because of his job, he has to travel around the world a lot. Since Mike was to small before to travel, his mom usually stay with him at home when his Dad is working in another country.

Mike is 5 years old now and he goes to Kindergarden near his home. He made many new friends. Mike is a funny boy and his friends like him, until one time when ever his friends do not do what he asked them to do or maybe when Mike doesn't misunderstand them, he likes to say that they are stupid. In fact, he uses the word stupid a lot!

His friends, Mrs. Linda Mike's teacher , and even his parents trying to tell him that it is not nice to say stupid to other people, and it always hurts their feeling too, but Mike did not listen. Slowly, one by one his friends stop playing with him.

Suddenly, Mike's father get an assignment from his office to take pictures of the native people in a far away country. This time Mike and his Mom are going with his Dad because now Mike is old enough to go with his Dad. He is soooo excited!

When they arrived in their temporary home in that far away country, Mike directly went to find other children to play with. Even though those children speak different language than him and they do not understand each other, somehow they manage to play together. They climb the tree together, they jump to the river and catch some frogs together. Mike really has a blast with his new friends.

Well.. until he start calling them stupid when they don't understand what Mike says or when Mike doesn't understand why his friends do certain thing. In fact Mike doesn't understand a lot of thing that his friends do because all his life, Mike lives in the city, he never experience living in the jungle before like his new friends. But... like he always does, when ever he misunderstand something, he always says that the other person is the stupid one.

While in the city, his old friends really start not to like him because he kept saying the word stupid. His new friends do not understand at all what the word stupid means! All they know is that Mike always says "Stupid!" a lot! So they thought Mike's name is Stupid! So now they start calling Mike... Stupid.

Ohh... how that Stupid name makes Mike so mad! He kept telling them to stop calling him stupid because it makes him mad, but the more he tells them to stop the more they call him stupid. In fact, they all thought that his last name is Mad ! Now Mike becomes Mr. Stupid Mad, and he can not stop them!

All of this really makes Mike sooo mad but he still wants to be with his new friends because they are fun to be with. So he wanders by himself until he found a nice spot near the river. He sat there and start to think of how mad he feels when his new friends call him Stupid Mad. He start to realize that it really hurts his feeling when he is being called stupid. Then he remember how his old friends, his teacher, and his parents are all trying to stop him from saying the word "stupid" again and again but he never listen. So he promise himself to stop telling other people stupid from now on.

It was hard, but Mike really stop himself from saying the word stupid. Even when his new friends keep calling him Stupid Mad, he just laugh it off. Until a couple of weeks later, all of a sudden he realize that they never call him Stupid Mad anymore. They call him Mike.

When his Dad finish his photo assignment in that far away country, they return back to their home in the city. Mike goes back to his school and he meets his old friends. He miss them and they miss him too, but now Mike knows that if he wants to keep his friends, he better stop calling them stupid"

Can you guess who is this story for??? Hint ->

Gabriella Loves Kai Kai

Since my daughter was in my tummy, she shows her love for her big brother. For example, sometime when she is too active, I like to rub my tummy to try to quiet her down a bit. Sometime it's my husband who rub my tummy, but nobody can quiet her down like my son. Every time he rub my tummy she will stop kicking around right away! Off course that's also make it hard for me to show my son how it feels to have his hand being kicked by his baby sister.

Then... since she was born, every time she is being a little bit fuzzy, she will stop to watch Kai Kai. They can play with each other for over an hour while I cook dinner! So no wonder that the first sound she made is "Kai"... because ber big brother's nick name is Kai Kai!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Penguin Song

Back while La La is still in my tummy, Kai Kai loves to sing her a Penguin Song that he learn from school.

Amazingly, right after she was born, she showed that she recognize the song because when she cried, I like to call Kai Kai to sing her his trademark Penguin Song to her. It works 80% of the time!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Photo Week

It's been more than 1 week since I update my blog partially it's because I am truly busy and plus everyday I walk like a zombie from lack of sleep!

But.. enough with that, I just like to tell you that since the last time I wrote my blog, I have been busy taking pictures of my children. I got some good shots!

Also I received a phone call from a baby photographer ( I guess they found out about La La from the hospital ), he came to my home yesterday and he is the best !

His name is Murray and he has more than 20 years of experience with babies. He took more than 30,000 baby's pictures!

He came prepared with all his equipments and even 2 props. Then he manage to make La La "sit". What I mean by "sit" is, he position her first into certain position then for one second he let go of her, at that time he press his camera's cable, then he hold her again. Under normal condition I would be worried, but he is so experience that I can tell from his movement that he won't harm my baby.

When a photographer came to our home to take my son's picture in 2000, back in Portland. She came without any props, then she only take his picture in sleeping position so it's pretty basic and boring. The result also so-so, actually I don't remember it at all....

But Murray is very special. Not only he is so great with the baby, but while he worked, he keep talking in such a practice and funny way to entertaint all of us, even my son who never stop talking back to him and Murray manage to distract him from touching his' equipments. Oh.. we never stop laughing at what he has to say!

For 15 minutes photo shoot, La La behaving so well, she looks so confuse and curious. But at 2 times she almost cry, all Murray did was saying "Patty cake, patty cake" then pat her bottom and she stop fussing completely. I have no idea how he did it but I wish I can do that to stop her from fussing!!!

Right now I could not wait to see the result, he said within 7 - 10 days someone will show up at my home to show me the result then I can choose which pictures to develop.

We also went to buy cake from a bakery in Metrotown. They have new item called Almond Amaretto Mousse... it's so good...we have a hard time to stop eating them!!! It's quite embarassing because we just bought them and it them right there in the store!!! They also has an orange ricotta cake... not bad, very moist but I don't really like the texture where the cake is moist but then there are many orange zests in it!

Basically we almost go out everyday because my parents who came here to help me with the baby is almost going back home so I like to make sure they have a good time here because most of the time they are here, they have to stay home a lot to take care of my son and me who has to stay on the bed a lot.

About La La herself...she is still a good baby as before. She still loves to smile and laugh a lot. A pretty good sleeper and rarely cry. Even when she cried, she never shed tears, only her beautiful curly eyelashes become slightly wet.

About Kai Kai as her big brother...I couldn't ask for a better son! He took his job as her baby sitter quite nicely. At one time, he was upstair playing with his grandpa while I was downstair with La La and she started crying. As soon as he heard her cries, he said this to my father," Wait... I need to go downstair, my sister is crying!" then he ran downstair trying to distract her from crying. He kissed her, hugged her, he sang her some songs, he made funny faces, he showed her his toys,etc. What else can I ask from him right? I am so lucky to have him first! At the same time, La La is also very fascinated by him which is great. Even though their age gap is big but they can play together quite nicely!