Sunday, February 27, 2005


Everytime I go back to Surabaya every day or night we will have family or friends who like to treat us lunch or dinner. I did not put all of the pictures here because some of them are not clear enough. But just imagine for the whole 14 days that my husband and my son were here, we pretty much eating out everyday, sometimes twice a day. That's not including the continuous food gifts that we receive daily too. Some of them were gifts for me and my family. And some of them are just daily routine. What I mean by that is my parents have so many good friends who cares about them and they never stop sending them food gifts. Everyday guaranteed. At least one and usually 3 gifts. But since there are a lot people in my home, both family and employees, we never waste the food. When it's Chrismas Time, the tables, floor, will be crowded with gift baskets ! My mom can't keep them straight anymore on who send who and whose gifts need to be reciprocate so since 10 yrs ago, we have one of our employee to make a list of them and organize it so that everybody who sent us gifts will receive gifts also. The employee job also to make a list of gifts for our own employees' end of year gifts. This is not an easy job to keep track on those gifts because sometimes the delivery man will just handed it to the maids and they forgot to report them and then just stuff them in the overstuffed 3 refrigerators.

Wike, my bestfriend alone has sent 3 food gifts and treated me with 3 lunches. My other friends as well. And when you add with my parents' bestfriends, the number of dinner, lunches, and food gifts just go up sky high. It's impossible to say no too, because that would offend them and plus they are always happy to see us. How can you say no to that?

Well, all I can say is, thank you to everybody who ever treat me lunches, dinners, and the food gifts. Plus toys and clothings for my son as well ! God bless you all !

My mom bestfriend is standing behind her. Aunt Kwang Sing. Everytime my parents travel overseas, they never miss sending them and picking them up again in airport. Even us. We meet almost everyday, partly because they want to, partly because we hang together in the church, and partly business. If my family's business is selling coffin, her family business is providing us with the flower arrangements. From business, into church, into friendship and this has been going on for over 15 years, close to 20 maybe. Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 26, 2005

A very sad day today

The day started pretty good today with us went to visit my cousin Christine, Michael, and my Aunt Hong. My son loves to play with Michael, partly because they are the same age and Michael is a gentle boy. No Kung Fu here. But then we got phone call that my cousin Benny's wife just delivered her baby in the car on the way to the hospital and the baby died. This is come as no surprise because the doctors already warn them that there is something very wrong with this baby. But because my cousin and his wife religion is Catholic they refuse to abort the baby. No matter what they will have the baby, healthy or not. I think they are very brave and they hold their beliefs so strongly.

So we had to go back to my home to pick up my parents then off we go to the crematorium for the cremation of this newborn baby. The mother of the baby was still hospitalized since only that morning she delivered him.

When my son saw the tiny coffin, he whispered to me, " Mama, is that my brother in there? ". I told him no, that his brother is in Canada. Then my son stay quiet again. I was amaze at how well he can grasp the situation. He felt so sad that all he did there was hugging my husband neck while my husband carried him. He did not say a word. Until the time when we were allowed to sprinkle flowers on top of the coffin for the last farewell before he was going to be cremated. Then all of a sudden my son insist on doing it twice. But both time he did not laugh or smile. He was very serious.

When my son asked about if that baby is his brother , there is a reason for that. No, make that 2 reasons. My son is my firstborn child. But then I lost my second and third boys due to Spina Bifida. It's a problem where the baby's spinal do not want to close properly and that caused many problems. And in my case both of my babies are in severe category where they do not have chances to live. So based on that diagnose, we decided to abort both babies. So I admire my cousin's decision, because I know how tough that is to make that decision. And I also understand how painfull is his feeling right now especially.

Based on that, even though I never leave home without bringing my camera I won't take a single picture out of respect for my cousin. But then when I arrived, they beg me to take the pictures because from all the confusion in the hospital, none of my oldest uncle's family remember to bring their camera. When they all saw me, they remember that only me that eccentric enough to carry camera everywhere I go.

This whole thing makes me feel that how much money I spent on my camera are being paid back in full. From almost all of my camera taking experience, this was one that touch me very much. It was akward and I felt pressured. It was a big responsibility. I tried to do my best and I did not dare to mess up.

Another thing that touch me was when John, Christine's husband cried on Benny's shoulder. It was so sad but I can feel their loves and friendship. Before John married to Christine, he was Benny's close friend. And they will be closer now.

We went to have a playdate with Michael, Christina's son. Posted by Hello

My son carefully place his flowers on top of his cousin's coffin. Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Goodbye Jakarta

We are leaving Jakarta today to go back to Surabaya again. This trip has been a complete success because we truly had a blast meeting our family and God has bless us so much with pretty good weather and traffic. My husband likes aunt Hing and uncle Jongki very much and so does my son. We will miss them very much.

The day to meet our old friends and family

A special day today because we were able to meet our old friends from back in Univ. of Central Oklahoma. In the morning we met Hengky and Angela, husband and wife with their 2 boys. Then later that night we met Jonren and his girlfriend.

Also, we had a dinner party together with my oldest aunt and her son's family too. The last time I met my cousin Ham was in 1998 or less and I don't even recall when was the last time I met his wife and his daughter ( Dina ) let alone his son. Dina now is married and had a baby boy. She and her husband lived in Malang, near Surabaya. I was fortunate enough that she happened to visit my cousin at this time.

This morning we went to see our old friends from Univ. of Central Oklahoma. Both husband and wife , Henky and Angela are our friends and now they already have 2 boys. Posted by Hello

From my friends' home we went to Mall Taman Anggrek ( Orchid Garden Mall ) . Posted by Hello

We got bored waiting for my parents to finish shopping so I brought my son to have his hair cut in this fun place. And it only cost $ 7.50. I paid CAN $ 20 plus $ 5 tip each time I bring my son to the same children hair salon here in Vancouver. And this Jakarta hair salon looks much better than the one in Vancouver. Posted by Hello

Dinner with family. The man who stand next to the refrigerator is my cousin Ham. His wife unfortunately was hidden behind my husband. Then for the first time you can see my uncle Jongki's daughter Amanda who sat next to him on the floor. The 2 men, one with white shirt is cousin Ham's son in law and next to him is his son. Posted by Hello

Jonren and his girlfriend came to see us that same night. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Going to Taman Mini

Today on the way to see my mom's oldest sister and her daughter, we stop by in Taman Mini ( miniature Garden ) first to watch an IMAX movie about Indonesia ( very old one at that ) in Keong Emas ( Gold Snail ).

Well, even though the movie is extremely old but at least it was educational for my husband who knows nothing about my country. Luckily the movie is short so we did not get the chance to be bored yet. What made it a bit more fun was, we were seated in the VIP seats which is next to where only Presidents can sit. While everybody else has to squeeze in with other people, we are escorted to our VIP seats. A lot of those other people are watching us. Since I wasn't the one who pay for the tickets, I have no idea how much it cost. We also gets to use the Presidential restroom. Made me wonder how many important people had use this toilet bowl that I sat on ?

Then since my son saw another gondola ride, he insist on riding the gondola again to see around. He also ride a boom boom car too. My husband put him on his lap and let him drive the car. It's safe enough since we were the only one there.

From Taman Mini, we went straight to my cousin's home to see her and her mom. They live near Bogor. Far from Jakarta , yet they work in Jakarta. Go figure.

Since my aunt had a stroke a year ago, I wasn't sure if she truly remember me. I hope she did. The last time I saw her was in 1998 but the last time I saw my cousin was like 16 years ago if not more. She was surprise to see at how mature I look. The last time she saw me I was still small and she had to wake me up everytime she came to my home to teach me English, hahaha !

From there, we went back to Jakarta and went straight to the Mall. I think it was Senayan Mall or something, one thing that made me and my husband so happy is when we found a book store that is good enough for our taste. And they carry a lot of Taiwanese books ! Yeah !!!

Not a great day today because it rains heavily. A tropical rain at that ! So the pictures is blurry. Posted by Hello

Miniature of the Borobudur Temple, one of the 7 wonders in the world. Original location is in Middle Java. Posted by Hello

All of this rain did not dampen my son's happy spirit. He still enjoyed this gondola ride just like the one yesterday. The different was this gondola is so old that it was hard for me to take a picture because even though we are inside it, actually the rain leaked everywhere and since we had to close all the windows, it was so hot inside that we are soaking wet from both rain and sweat ! Posted by Hello

Miniature of Bali architecture style. Posted by Hello

Having a great time driving this car. Posted by Hello

In front of Keong Mas Imax Theater. Posted by Hello

Inside the theater while waiting for my uncle to pay for the tickets. Posted by Hello

Three of my most beautiful people in the world. Posted by Hello

Waiting for the movie to start. These are the VIP seats. Next to my father's side is where only the President and other country's can sit. Posted by Hello

My husband greed my aunt while my cousin Sioe watched. This was my cousin first time to see my husband. Posted by Hello

Eating lunch in my cousin Sioe's home. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Jakarta, here we come !

Well, the last time I went to Jakarta was 16 years ago so it's time for me to see how Jakarta has become and beside my husband is really curious to see what Indonesian's capital looks like. We also going to see my aunt Hing and my uncle Yongki. She is my mom youngest sister. I haven't seen her since1998.

The trip is pretty quiet with my son is old enough and experience enough to sit quietly in an airplane. He chose to sit with my parents so my husband and me can relax a bit and read.

We arrived in Jakarta on time and I am so happy to see my aunt and uncle. My cousin couldn't come to pick us up because she has a sport competition in her school. KK gave my aunt a kiss. He likes her right away and even my husband too.

After experiencing Jakarta's traffic jam, we dropped our suitcases first in my aunt's home then ate lunch. The food is excellent because my aunt is such a great cook. She also sells food from her home. Her home is nice and very clean too and I get the best room , the master bedroom with the bathroom in it because my mom did not want to climb the stairs so she took the bedroom downstair.

Then off we went to Seaworld in Dufan. To be honest I expect the worst but I was pleasantly surprise to see that Jakarta's Seaworld was actually quite nice. No, make that great. The design remind me of the Underwater Adventure in Mall of America in Minneapolis. It has the moving belt where you can just stand inside the tunnel while the fishes swim above and around you. Then there is the feeding area where you can actually participate in feeding the stingrays, small sharks and giant turtles. We are lucky that today is weekdays so that place was very empty and my son can feed those animals so many times. We all loved it !

We got a chance to ride the gondola too around Dufan. My son loves it too. The ride takes about 20 minutes.

From there we went to eat in a restaurant nearby. I am not sure if the food is great, but we ate it all since we were hungry.

Food is always good in this house. Posted by Hello

We are outside the main entrance of Seaworld. Posted by Hello

Jakarta Seaworld has these giant Arowanas from Amazon too just like in Vancouver's Aquarium. They even combine them with the same giant catfish lookalike fishes. Posted by Hello

When people heard that my son speaks English with my husband they seems to put him as a priority. They help my son more than other kids there. First thing to do is get the food then start feeding the stingrays and small sharks. Posted by Hello

Look at how happy my son is feeding the fishes and they truly eat so fast ! Posted by Hello

Wow, the giant turtle must be very hungry. He did not want to let go of the feeding stick ! Posted by Hello

My father admiring the shark's teeth. Posted by Hello

Now that is a big stingray ! See the comparison of size between him and my father. Posted by Hello

Sometimes I wish we have all the time we have to just sit here and admiring God's creatures. Posted by Hello

Shots taken from the Gondola in Dufan. Posted by Hello
I am not sure of the exact name of this swimming area. But isn't it looks inviting to you too? Posted by Hello

A man made lake at the front and God made sea behind it with traditional houses in the middle. Posted by Hello

They are both happy today to see Dufan. Posted by Hello

Show you how hungry my son was. Posted by Hello