Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Growing Years Of My Son

8 years has passed, now my beloved son is already in grade 3 at his school. He has grown so much in both physically , mentally and even spiritually.

Physically, his shoes size and mine is almost the same now. If my shoes size is 6.5, his shoes size is already around 5.

When he was small he was a fussy eater, now, he can eat 5 pieces of fried chickens on one sitting. Everyday he eats 4 to 5 meals a day, beside his snacks, candy, and milk. But he still weight only 30kg because he never stop moving. He has a very healthy body.

Mentally, he grow more mature, more caring with his sister. Part of the reason they fight once in a while is because he is too protective to his little sister without the wisdom of an adult. If you are a parent then you know that when you want to deal with a little child, you need to cajole them sometimes, or bargain, trade with them. You will need a lot of hugs and kisses to make your kids do what you want them to do. Well, my son basically just yell at his little sister not to touch hot stuff, stand on the chair, etc. Of course his little sister is not too happy with that style of command. Hence they fight. But don't forget that he never mean to hurt her.
Spiritually, he has grown in amazing way. I have few stories about him in term of his spirituality. Since he was 4 years old, with the innocent of a child, he has tell his friends about the Gospel. Using the same style that he use when he is commanding his little sister, he likes to ask his classmate if they are Christian. If the answer is no, then he will declare it to them that they will go to hell. Oh jeez.....

If the answer is yes then he will continue the interrogation. Next he will ask them if they pray and read bible every day. If their answer is no, then he will ask them how can they call themselves as a Christian if they do not know the Word and never talk to their God everyday? Oh man ....

As a worried mom I told him to tone down his interrogation style ....

When he was small usually the conversation ended here. Mostly because the other children do not know how to respond back to his question maybe. But now that he is 8, his classmates are smarter.

One day, one of his classmate said like this to him. This friend happens to be raised in a more liberal household. When my son threw the same questions to that boy, that boy said that his mom told him that as long as they never hurt other people, they don't do bad thing, they will go to heaven. And my son answered ... " Doing good thing while you still alive on earth is a good thing. But that may only help you to have a good life while you are still alive. Going to heaven has nothing to do with your good deeds. You can only get it through Jesus and only by His grace. "

Wow ....

I asked him how can he give an answer like that? Did he learn it from the Sunday school teacher?

He answered, " From you mom ! "

I was surprised because I do not remember if I ever teach him that.

Then I realized. Every night when we read bible together and pray, we always said this prayer that I taught him, " Holy Spirit, please teach me tonight, help me to understand, to remember, and give me the strength to do it, in Jesus name, Amen ! "

Only now that I realize the power of the Holy Spirit when you invite Him into your daily prayer time. Many times the Holy Spirit gives me the wisdom to teach our children that is beyond my own level of wisdom and understanding. Many times I was even amaze at what I said myself in front of my children. Is like I also learn the meaning of this bible verses for the first time together with our children. It's true that in front of the God, all of us are just like little children.

So yes, my son learn on how to answer like that from me, but only through my mouth, the truth is, our teacher who taught us that kind of wisdom can only be the Holy Spirit himself. I was just a mouth-speaker. A tool.
Another story ...

One night when only me and KK were reading the bible and praying together. I opened the book of Jeremiah when on that chapter, Jeremiah was angry and asking some tough questions to God. The kind of questions that many adults ask too. In fact, not to long ago, a 50s years old lady who has done years of ministry asked me the same questions.

Just for your information, my son likes to interrupt a lot....sigh....

Jeremiah 12:1 b

"... Why are the wicked so prosperous?..."

At this time, my son started to interrupt me ... " Off course a lot of them are rich, mom !" ...

I was getting annoyed at him because he always interrupt me before I can even finish a verse. So I asked him, " Why do you say off course ?"

With an air of know-it-all, he answered me ... " Off course the wicked are rich mom, don't you know? They are rich because the wicked people will do anything they can to get rich! Unlike us "

I was blown away with his easy straight to the point answer, so I forget that I was annoyed just now, and I continue to read the verse.

" Why are evil people so happy? "

Predictably, my son interrupted me again at this point. Loudly he said, " Off course they are happy mom! "

I asked him, " Why do you say like that? "

Then again, he answered me like I am very slow indeed, he answered me slowly, word by word,
" Off...course... the evil people...always ...happy...because...they ...they what...their action..will! "

I was laughing like crazy when I heard his answers.

After I can manage to stop laughing , I continue again reading.

On Jeremiah 12: 3b , Jeremiah was truly angry at the injustice, then he asked God ...
"... Drag these people away like sheep, to be butchered! Set them aside to be slaughtered! "

When my son heard this verse, he suddenly sit up straight ( he was laying down before ), and he firmly said, " Oh no.... now he ( Jeremiah ) is getting stupid..."

I was laughing again like crazy, I have never heard anyone dare to call a prophet stupid. And now out of a babe's mouth, he dare to call Jeremiah stupid.

Let me give you the explanation that I found at the bottom of the page on my bible.

If you read the whole chapter you will know that God didn't give a straight answer to Jeremiah. God gave Jeremiah a challenge...

The explanation for Jeremiah 12: 1-6 :
"Many people have asked, "why are the wicked so prosperous?" Jeremiah knew that God's justice would ultimately come, but he was impatient because he wanted justice to come quickly. God didn't give doctrinal answer, instead, he gave a challenge. If Jeremiah couldn't handle this, how would he handle the injustice ahead? It is natural for us to demand fair play and cry for justice, we must realize that ourselves would be in big trouble if God gave each of us what we truly deserve."

My son knows this ...

The explanation for Jeremiah12: 5,6 :
" Life was extremely difficult for Jeremiah despite his love for and obedience to God. When he called God for relief, God's reply in effect was, " If you think this is bad, how are you going to cope when it gets really tough?" God's answers to prayer are not always nice or easy to handle. Any Christian who has experienced war, bereavement, or a serious illness knows this. We are to be committed to God even when the going gets tough and when our prayers for relief are not immediately answered."

So true ....

The explanation for Jeremiah 12: 14-17 :
" God chose a people through whom to demonstrate His care for the world. The nation of Israel was given much; thus, much was required of her. But she repeatedly failed. The fate of other nations depended on their willingness to demonstrate faith in God whether or not God's chosen people accomplished their task of witness. God's love extends to reach every square inch of the globe."

Now, think about the world's situation today.

Think about the global crisis that the world has to face together.

Think about those ultra mega rich people who has started this crisis.

Remember that you are THE chosen people of God.

I believe now is the time to stop throwing questions about why the wicked are so rich and happy because none of us can handle it if God gave each of us what we truly deserve.

Take account of your situation right now and ask this question to yourself, " If my situation right now is bad, what if next year is going to be worse? How will I handle the worse crisis ahead? If I believe that I AM God's chosen people, then God will want me to be better than others. Stronger but not by my own strength, but by His help "

It is time to grow deeper in the Word.

The help can only come from being consistently and truthfully knowing your God. If you do this part of the bargain, THEN God will keep his part.