Sunday, February 27, 2005


Everytime I go back to Surabaya every day or night we will have family or friends who like to treat us lunch or dinner. I did not put all of the pictures here because some of them are not clear enough. But just imagine for the whole 14 days that my husband and my son were here, we pretty much eating out everyday, sometimes twice a day. That's not including the continuous food gifts that we receive daily too. Some of them were gifts for me and my family. And some of them are just daily routine. What I mean by that is my parents have so many good friends who cares about them and they never stop sending them food gifts. Everyday guaranteed. At least one and usually 3 gifts. But since there are a lot people in my home, both family and employees, we never waste the food. When it's Chrismas Time, the tables, floor, will be crowded with gift baskets ! My mom can't keep them straight anymore on who send who and whose gifts need to be reciprocate so since 10 yrs ago, we have one of our employee to make a list of them and organize it so that everybody who sent us gifts will receive gifts also. The employee job also to make a list of gifts for our own employees' end of year gifts. This is not an easy job to keep track on those gifts because sometimes the delivery man will just handed it to the maids and they forgot to report them and then just stuff them in the overstuffed 3 refrigerators.

Wike, my bestfriend alone has sent 3 food gifts and treated me with 3 lunches. My other friends as well. And when you add with my parents' bestfriends, the number of dinner, lunches, and food gifts just go up sky high. It's impossible to say no too, because that would offend them and plus they are always happy to see us. How can you say no to that?

Well, all I can say is, thank you to everybody who ever treat me lunches, dinners, and the food gifts. Plus toys and clothings for my son as well ! God bless you all !

My mom bestfriend is standing behind her. Aunt Kwang Sing. Everytime my parents travel overseas, they never miss sending them and picking them up again in airport. Even us. We meet almost everyday, partly because they want to, partly because we hang together in the church, and partly business. If my family's business is selling coffin, her family business is providing us with the flower arrangements. From business, into church, into friendship and this has been going on for over 15 years, close to 20 maybe. Posted by Hello

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