Monday, February 14, 2005

Last minute shopping in Sogo

Tomorrow we are going to leave Taipei to Surabaya so today is our last day to shop in Taipei. We decide to split. My father and my husband went to hunt for LPs. While my mom, me and my son went to Sogo.

I told my son that he has to behave well today and he did ! Not only he did not complaint at all, he even help me pick the right shoes. He acts like the shopkeeper. He pick one shoes and tell me to try it, then another , then another. He even remember my taste. For example, he said like this " Mama, try this one, this one has sparkly things on it. Didn't you tell me before that you like shoes with spakles on it? ". What a good boy he is. He even put the shoes on my foot just like the shoes seller does ! Hahaha ! He also a good sales person, he said " Mama, try this sandal, feel how soft it is, I think they use fur on the base ! ". Man.... who needs a shoes saleswoman when I have my son with me !

Waiting for my father and my husband to pick us up in front of SOGO Dept. Store in downtown Taipei. Posted by Hello

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