Friday, February 18, 2005

Celebrating My Parents Anniversary with our family

Tonight is a special night because we are going to celebrate my parents 34th anniversary in the restaurant. Like always, my parents invited their siblings that live in Surabaya to come. Most of my relatives showed up because they want to congratulate my parents and to see us since we are rarely able to see each other.

I took lots of shots of my relatives tonight and some of them are candid shots. I love to show you what a loving family looks like. I took pictures of them interacting between cousins. I also took pictures of them in pair like father and son or mother and daughter. Well, enough said, you'll see what I am trying to say. Pictures worth a thousand words and I am saving my words now....

This is Novi, she was my classmate but now she is family because she married my cousin Jacob. They have 3 kids. Next to her is my aunt Sandra, she married my uncle which is my mom older brother. Posted by Hello

That is Indra and his wife, they are newlywed. Indra is Bayu's older brother. Then the girl with smiling face is Stephanie, Michael's older sister. Posted by Hello

My husband loves to tease my grandmom.They communicate in English. He knows that she is very shy and the more shy she is, the more he will try to make her talk. Posted by Hello

Dinner time ! That's my father on the right and my uncle on the left. Posted by Hello

My uncle Matthew ( my father youngest brother ) laughed because he saw me standing on a chair to take this shot. He is the buy in orange square shirt. His wife, my aunt Liep is next to him in green stripe shirt. Posted by Hello

My cousin Maya and her daughter, she is due in probably 5 months for her second child. Posted by Hello

My cousin Christine and her dad, uncle Bing. He is Maya's dad too. Christine second child also due in 3 months. The first one is a boy with the same name as my son and same age too. Posted by Hello

And this is my aunt Hong, she is busy disecting her food. Well, what do you expect, she is a doctor ! She is Christine and Maya's mom. Posted by Hello

And this one is John, Christine's husband with their son, Michael. Posted by Hello

2 Michaels are playing together. Posted by Hello

And here is the 3rd Michael with the orange shirt, matching with his Dad, my uncle Matthew. Next to him is Bayu, he is my father's nephew from his younger brother who lives in Jakarta and couldn't attend this party. Posted by Hello

A beautiful shot of uncle Matthew. Posted by Hello

My mom oldest brother ( in yellow shirt ) looks contend and happy surrounded by his big family. He has 4 married kids and 8 grandkids. My aunt is next to him and the man in white shirt is his son in law. The man in blue square shirt is his 2nd son who is watching after his 2 sons. Posted by Hello

The man in red shirt is my oldest uncle's first son. He is hugging his nephew, while the boy's mom is sitting close to them, she is the one in light blue shirt. Posted by Hello

Now, guess who are these boys belong too? Yep, their father is in previous shot in red matching top with these 2. Another matching fashion between father and sons. Posted by Hello

And this little girl? Again, she is my cousin's daughter, matching his red shirt with her red dress. A perfect mother and daughter picture. Look at the similarity between their faces. Posted by Hello

Now let's go back to my oldest uncle 2nd son. Look at how similar is his profile compare to his oldest son ! Look at their round cheeks, ears, noses, even their hand movements are coordinated ! And don't forget their matching blue shirts ! Hahaha ! Posted by Hello

The smiling lady in red is my oldest uncle's daughter.Next to her is her daugher, a beautiful girl name Amelia. Next to Maya is her husband, Arief. Posted by Hello

Like mother like daughter, they are both have the same beautiful smiles. And the boy in black is also my cousin's son, Jonathan. Posted by Hello

And this is the youngest child of my oldest uncle, his name is Benny and that is his boy and his very pregnant wife. Posted by Hello

My son with his cousins. Posted by Hello

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