Sunday, February 06, 2005

My parents came to Taipei too !

This early morning my parents came to Taipei. They were very lucky because an hour after their plane landed the airport was closed because too foggy.

Then for morning activity, we went to eat breakfast in the public market. We ate simple food and cheap. And they are not that bad at all. After that we went to see what kind of fresh produce they sell in that market. My parents were both very impress with the quality fruits that being sold there. We bought a lot of fresh fruit because they are just so beautiful. They are so big and sweet ! Taiwanese agriculture is amazing , they did a lot of experiments with their fruits to improve them. For example the fruit that we called Buddha's head , in Indonesia it is probably the size of a normal fuji apple, but in Taiwan they make it twice as big with more meats than seeds. The rose apple ( jambu merah ) always bigger than what we used to have back in Indonesia and they even have one type that is 3 times bigger and sweet too. This item is so popular at this time so it was almost impossible to buy them in normal market and they are very expensive. Everything is much bigger here ! What even more amazing is, Chinese people loves to give kumquat plant as a gift for Chinese New Year. So those scientist in here somehow successfully alter the shape of the kumquat from elongate shape into exactly the same shape as old Chinese gold money !!! How did they do that is beyond me !!!! How????

From the market we went to see my brother in law new apartment. This time he accompany us so we are able to see the inside of his apartment and it was pretty cool place ! I can imagine how excited he is right now.... :)

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