Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy 11th Anniversary To Us

I believe that every year our marriage getting older is something to celebrate. How many percent of marriages last more than 11 years long?

This year is our 11th Anniversary and I have known my husband for longer than 13 years. Amazing how fast time flies when you DO having fun. Now look at us, 11 years later, with our marriage stronger, more content, loving each other in more mature way. Less arguments sure feel great, huh?

This year has been like a whirl wind, suddenly we are already in October again. To be honest, I was caught off guard that suddenly that day was my anniversary day. My mind was constantly on our new company. And my husband is always shy with anything smell like anniversary or birthday, but he NEVER forget my birthday or anniversary even though he is never all too sweet about it.

So we celebrated it by going to eat Teppanyaki at Surabaya Town Center. I think it is the most enjoyable dinner we had in a while. There is joy, content, peace, laughter between us. We were truly relax enough to enjoy ourselves.

But the best part is one very special gift that we received that day. The gift is from my pastor Philip and his wife, Irene.

I think what I always do is not that uncommon that every time we have our anniversary I like to ask God to pour more of that Canna Wine into our marriage, to make it always stay loving, stay fresh, and more mature. The older the better, just like the wine that Jesus made in Canna.

Well... when I pray for the Lord to give us Wine from Canna, I was talking figuratively off course.

Hey, what do you know... suddenly that day our pastor and his wife, who just returned from Jerusalem, gave us the real Wine of Canna ! It said on the label " Marriage Wine " ! Wow !!!

When I called them to thank them of the very thoughtful anniversary gift, they were both confuse. It turn out none of them knew that they gave us the best anniversary gift ever ! They don't even knew that day was our anniversary !

We all have a laugh about it. It was God doing something very very sweet to us. The deeper I knew about God, the more I found that He is a humorous God. He can be FUN. And He has many creative ways to make me laugh out loud !!!! I truly enjoy His humors !!!