Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Jakarta, here we come !

Well, the last time I went to Jakarta was 16 years ago so it's time for me to see how Jakarta has become and beside my husband is really curious to see what Indonesian's capital looks like. We also going to see my aunt Hing and my uncle Yongki. She is my mom youngest sister. I haven't seen her since1998.

The trip is pretty quiet with my son is old enough and experience enough to sit quietly in an airplane. He chose to sit with my parents so my husband and me can relax a bit and read.

We arrived in Jakarta on time and I am so happy to see my aunt and uncle. My cousin couldn't come to pick us up because she has a sport competition in her school. KK gave my aunt a kiss. He likes her right away and even my husband too.

After experiencing Jakarta's traffic jam, we dropped our suitcases first in my aunt's home then ate lunch. The food is excellent because my aunt is such a great cook. She also sells food from her home. Her home is nice and very clean too and I get the best room , the master bedroom with the bathroom in it because my mom did not want to climb the stairs so she took the bedroom downstair.

Then off we went to Seaworld in Dufan. To be honest I expect the worst but I was pleasantly surprise to see that Jakarta's Seaworld was actually quite nice. No, make that great. The design remind me of the Underwater Adventure in Mall of America in Minneapolis. It has the moving belt where you can just stand inside the tunnel while the fishes swim above and around you. Then there is the feeding area where you can actually participate in feeding the stingrays, small sharks and giant turtles. We are lucky that today is weekdays so that place was very empty and my son can feed those animals so many times. We all loved it !

We got a chance to ride the gondola too around Dufan. My son loves it too. The ride takes about 20 minutes.

From there we went to eat in a restaurant nearby. I am not sure if the food is great, but we ate it all since we were hungry.

Food is always good in this house. Posted by Hello

We are outside the main entrance of Seaworld. Posted by Hello

Jakarta Seaworld has these giant Arowanas from Amazon too just like in Vancouver's Aquarium. They even combine them with the same giant catfish lookalike fishes. Posted by Hello

When people heard that my son speaks English with my husband they seems to put him as a priority. They help my son more than other kids there. First thing to do is get the food then start feeding the stingrays and small sharks. Posted by Hello

Look at how happy my son is feeding the fishes and they truly eat so fast ! Posted by Hello

Wow, the giant turtle must be very hungry. He did not want to let go of the feeding stick ! Posted by Hello

My father admiring the shark's teeth. Posted by Hello

Now that is a big stingray ! See the comparison of size between him and my father. Posted by Hello

Sometimes I wish we have all the time we have to just sit here and admiring God's creatures. Posted by Hello

Shots taken from the Gondola in Dufan. Posted by Hello
I am not sure of the exact name of this swimming area. But isn't it looks inviting to you too? Posted by Hello

A man made lake at the front and God made sea behind it with traditional houses in the middle. Posted by Hello

They are both happy today to see Dufan. Posted by Hello

Show you how hungry my son was. Posted by Hello

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