Wednesday, February 16, 2005

First morning in Surabaya

My father loves high end stereo system. That is why my husband especially take him to buy LPs in Taipei 2 days ago. This morning I woke up feeling refresh and I went to his music room. Like usual, my father is busy warming up his stereo system. Yes, you need to warm them up first so they can perform the best. Watching my father with his stereo is really bring a warm feeling to me. Is like watching a ritual that is always being repeat all the time. Just to let you know, that nothing can sounds better than music that comes out from LP players. My father used to have high end CD players too but once he heard LP turntables, he forgot with all his hybrid CDs. Since then I have been helping him to hunt for used LP. Why? Well, because LP production is so limited. Off course you can buy the new ones but when you want to buy the oldies, rarely that you can buy them in new condition. So we went to garage sales, to pawn shops, to antique stores, and don't forget Ebay ! Some times you got to trade to with another LP fanatics. An old LP that is still in mint condition can run to thousand of dollars. They are collectors item.

Another thing also about setting a stereo room like this. Every thing has to be place on certain place that has been calculated and measured first. Like the distance between the speakers then from the speakers to the sofa. Even the height of the sofa's headrest can't be higher than your head. Soundproofing the room is the most basic requirement.

Warming up his stereo early in the morning. Posted by Hello

Behind the sofa are few of my father LPs collection. Mostly are outside this room. He ran out of space a long time ago. Posted by Hello

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