Sunday, February 06, 2005

Seafood anyone?

For our lunch, my parent in laws actually planning to take my parents to eat seafood in the neighbourhood restaurant but my parents are too tired so we ended up going to eat lunch by ourselves while they nap at home.

I love watching those fishes. I was amaze when I saw a big eel that I previously only able to see it in Vancouver Aquarium ! They also have so many different crabs here. It makes me to wonder why we did not eat them back in Indonesia. I don't believe that Indonesia doesn't have as many varieties of seafood as in Taiwan. But somehow we only eat the same type every time, while people in Taiwan is much more adventurous. I also saw that tiny little baby shrimp that normally I only see them in dried form while here they sell them fresh ! It must be fun to eat the whole shrimp without having to peel them first.

Seafood : all sort of different type of crabs, fishes, and shrimps. ALL ALIVE. Posted by Hello

The fishes that they put in a white basket are eels. Funny, I only see them in Vancouver Aquarium while in Taiwan, they eat them !!! They are huge. Posted by Hello

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