Wednesday, February 02, 2005

First Entry - Going to Taiwan and Indonesia today

Hmmm.... this is the first time I write my diary on internet. Quite an interesting feeling. I found out about his site from my cousin Liza who wrote her diary in this website earlier than me and I thought her diary is so cool.

Since this is my first time, maybe this entry will be a bit confusing.

Anyway, what do I have to say for today's entry? Well, tonight my husband, my son and I will travel to Taiwan. Taipei is my husband's home town. We are going there to celebrate Chinese New Year. This time will be extra special because my parents are going to join us as well the whole time we are there. From Feb 5 until 15. Then we are going to go to my home town together which is Surabaya, in Indonesia.

So far, all I do was cleaning the whole house. Part of if because I life to leave my home clean. Part of it is my traveling anxiety syndrome ! For some reason every time I am going to travel out of my city I have this weird feeling that something is going wrong. Either maybe I forgot to turn off the stove, maybe I forgot to bring important documents or maybe underwears ! Even though none of those ever happen yet....

This fear is really annoying enough that I have sleeping problems start from couple days ago. Always worry....yep... that's me.

OK, so let's hope that everything will be just fine.


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