Saturday, February 19, 2005

Close encouter with the bird.

My father's company is located in my home and we have an employee name Frans who loves animals so much that I guess maybe he ran out of space in his home so he place some of his animals in my home and my father doesn't mind at all.

Everytime my son comes to visit Surabaya, Frans always bring some of his animals for him to play with. Frans always teach him how to handle them with care as well.

At one time, my father ask Frans to catch some fireflies. Do you have any idea how hard it is to catch fireflies in Java? Java is maybe the crowdest island in the world ! So Frans has to climb the mountain and sit there for hours just to catch 2 fireflies !!! It was fun though to see my son and my father giggling together under the sofa in a dark room to watch how bright the fireflies can be.

Last year, Frans brought an iguana, a rabbit, a bird, 2 fireflies, a lizard, and some crickets for my son. This time around, he taught my son to handle Jalak Bali. A very funny bird who likes to sing and dance. He also bring 2 fireflies again after going up the mountain and sit there for hours and hours......

My son loves all the animals that Frans introduced to him. Look at the way he handled this bird. What amazing is that when other people wants to feed the bird, he likes to poke them. But when Frans told him not to poke my son, he obeyed ! How did he do that?

Frans coached my son on what he can do to the bird. He told my son to stroke the feather softly, then tikle his neck so his head will raise up. He also told my son to open and close his beak. And all that time, the bird is so compliant. It was an amazing photo opportunity for me.

My son and a Jalak Bali Posted by Hello

He can ask the bird to lift his beak up and hold that position like that for few minutes. Posted by Hello

My son also can ask the bird to open or close his mouth at will. Posted by Hello

My son wants to kiss him for being such a great bird. Posted by Hello

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