Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Chinese New Year Dinner

What a special day we have today because we can be together to celebrate Chinese New Year. Today I even met my future sister in law as well for the first time since we arrived in Taipei. I am glad that she is so nice and polite. Very polite in fact.

We went to have our dinner party in Grand Hotel. If you happen to visit Taipei as a tourist, it's impossible for you to miss a trip to this hotel because this hotel is the most famous hotel in Taipei. Not only it is beautiful, but it has history.

My brother in law book a table in this hotel for all of us. Total cost? $ 1300 for 10 person. Sound a lot? Well... what do you expect, they serve abalon, shark fin, rock fish, shrimps, etc. It was definitely an elaborate dinner. So many dishes and they taste absolutely wonderfull.

While we enjoy our meal in the private room, we also were entertained with beautiful view of Taipei from the room. And then for an added surprise there is a lion dancers come to entertain us as well. It's really a unique experience for my family because we normally do not celebrate Chinese New Year back in Indonesia and this is our first time ever to really experience the authentic Chinese New Year in Taiwan with real family as our guide. What a priviledge that is !

At the end of our dinner, we start exchanging the red envelop containing money and gifts. Time to kiss and hugs each other. If that is not enough, all of a sudden outside the window there are fireworks everywhere around Taipei ! It was a perfect ending for a perfect night.

Taipei night time view from Grand Hotel's window in our private dining room where we celebrate Chinese New Year Posted by Hello

Waiting for our Chinese New Year banquet to be served Posted by Hello

Nice place with great view of Taipei at night time Posted by Hello

Me, my husband, my son, and my parents Posted by Hello

Cold appetizer is served Posted by Hello

Because he did not take a nap, my son refused to wake up no matter what my husband did to him to wake him up ! Posted by Hello

After shark fins soup, sea cucumber dish is next. Posted by Hello

The chicken dish is also very good Posted by Hello

My son is still refused to wake up even though the restaurant is so noisy from the big chinese drum that never stop booming to served as the background music for the traditional Lions dance. Posted by Hello

Ah .. haaaa.... the Lion dancer is coming to our private dining area to bring us luck in this new year eve ! Posted by Hello

Even with the drummers and the dancers, my son still refused to wake up ! Actually my son can sleep through 2 earthquakes ( 6.5 richter ) and tropical thunderstorms ! Posted by Hello

This is really feels like celebrating Chinese new year !!!! Posted by Hello

My son is finally wake up but still too sleepy to enjoy the food. They serve the most buttery rock fish that I have ever eat in my life. It really melt in your mouth like butter ! I never know you can cook rock fish that way ! Posted by Hello

My mom gave my niece a gold necklace Posted by Hello

My son is thanking his grandpa by kissing him. That sure made my father in law so happy ! Posted by Hello

Grandma is in ecstasy to be kissed by my son ! Posted by Hello

Give his future aunt a kiss too for her ang pao. Posted by Hello

So busy counting his new found wealth ! Posted by Hello

From too sleepy to wake up, he becomes alive again after seeing his Ang Pao ( red envelop containing money ). Posted by Hello

My son getting happier the more Ang Pao he received from everybody !!! Posted by Hello

My son proudly announce that he is a rich boy ! Posted by Hello

Fireworks are starting everywhere in Taipei and you can watch them from this private dining room at Grand Hotel. They are beautiful ! Posted by Hello

My son think this whole Ang Pao business is just awesome ! Posted by Hello

Happy Chinese New Year everyone !!! Posted by Hello

I am having an awesome evening today !!! Posted by Hello

Taiwan Grand Hotel stairs Posted by Hello

Grand hotel lobby is full with historical artifacts that are on display. Posted by Hello

My family at Grand Hotel in Taiwan. Posted by Hello

Posing in front a beautiful display of orchids in Grand Hotel Posted by Hello

My own family, inside Taipei' Grand hotel. Posted by Hello

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