Sunday, February 06, 2005

Going to Chinese New Year Market

Go there early in the morning with taxi, be carefull with your wallet, dress comfortably, come with empty stomach. Those are the tips that I would give to anyone who wants to go to the Chinese New Year Market in Taipei.

The market take place in several blocks of the oldest section of Taipei. They close down several blocks to make space for the seller to sell any kinds of food. There is no place for parking at all unless you want to walk very far. Come with empty stomach because that way you can have enough space to eat all the samples that the sellers are offering !

So many food, so many people. It would be hard to walk around there so make sure you feel as comfortable as you can. Every sellers are screaming over their microphones to tell you what a great bargain they have in their store. Don't worry about going back to have a second, a third, or a fourth taste of their samples because I doubt it if they can even remember your face due to the amount of people who went there.

Mountain of food. That is what I call about the food they sell there. It just so many varieties and so much !

Definitely a great place if you are a snacker like me....

Preserve fruits and meats Posted by Hello

You are still able to walk around if you come here early morning Posted by Hello

Gummy candies anyone? Posted by Hello

This photo doesn't do them justice. Those unagi are so big and meaty ! Posted by Hello

Plump strawberries, baby pears, cherry tomatoes, and preserve fruits. All are coated with this crunchy caramel coating.  Posted by Hello

My favorite candy, I eat them every time I went to Taiwan. Actually this candy is a very ancient candy. Posted by Hello

Dragon beard candy. Another ancient candy. It was fun to watch how they make it. They use maltose dip in cornstarch then they pull and pull like how they make noodles until they become so many threads that are so fine like hairs. Then they cut it into small section, use it as a wrap for the filling. You can choose what type of filling you want. Peanut or sesame. Posted by Hello

Giving a customer a taste of their products Posted by Hello

Baby shrimps snacks. They taste pretty good. Crunchy too. Posted by Hello

Kerupuk Sidoarjo. Imagine how surprise I was when I saw them being sold in the market as well . Posted by Hello

The seller has to stand on a bench behind this mountain of  Posted by Hello

Take your time choosing what jelly you want to buy Posted by Hello

KK pick this lychee flavour jelly Posted by Hello

Dried vegetables and fruits. I love this kind of snack, they are crunchy and they are naturally sweet. I think it is a great snacks for children. You can actually make them eat their carrots, peas, beans, etc. Posted by Hello

More of the dried vegetables and fruits. Posted by Hello

Mountain of dried seafood to snack on. Posted by Hello

So many different candies Posted by Hello

Fish eggs. They taste great but they are on the pricy side. My mother in law usually slice them thinly about a half centimeter then she pan fried them with low heat. Then you eat them with sliced leeks or green onions. Posted by Hello

Taste this fish bones, they are crunchy but not tough and a bit sweet. Posted by Hello

More dried snacks Posted by Hello

Buying pistachio and almond with different flavours. Posted by Hello

Buying fish snacks Posted by Hello

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