Sunday, February 06, 2005

Having a great time in the new Taipei downtown last night

Last night, my husband took us to the new Taipei downtown area. In that area they have several big shopping malls. This place is not only a great place for shopping but also a great place for entertainment.

There is one particular building that is very famous. That building is called Taipei 101, it is the tallest building in the world. At least until now. The high tech system that they used to make this building earthquake proof is amazing. Inside the building there is a giant metal ball that is being hold by giant metal cable. The purpose of this ball is to compensate when the earthquake shake the building, the ball will pull it into the opposite direction. So if the earthquake pull the building to the right then the ball will swing to the left. I saw this whole thing on Discovery channel back in Canada.

Unfortunately I did not be able to see it with my own eyes because this place is really just too big. There is just not enough time to see everything. Next to the tower, they have a shopping mall too that sells brand stuff. The higher floor you go, the more expensive stuff they sell.

I found it amazing that so many people are lining up to buy Louis Vuitton ! I am guessing that maybe the shop keeper wants to make sure they can serve them better by limiting the number of customers who can go in the store at certain time.

After walking around in Taipei 101, we went to eat in the best all-you-can-eat buffet in Taipei. This place is so pack that you have to make a reservation if you want to go there.

I would be hard to describe this buffet without missing many points but I will try. First of all this place motto is Fresh. They want to keep the food as fresh as possible ( unlike most buffet restaurants ). In order to do this, they put the fresh/raw food outside then you go there bringing a clip that has your table's number, choose the food, either seafood, sirloin steak or something else, then you have to decide how do you want them to be cook. Is it BBQ or steam ? Then you give them to the steam/BBQ chefs. When the food is done, they will deliver it to your table.

It used to be they have the fishes for sashimi still swimming in the fish tank, then you choose which fish you want, tell the chefs to cut them into sashimi. I did not see the fish tank anymore last night. I heard that too many customers get it mixed up with the BBQ and steam chefs. So they decide to get rid of the fish tank.

Again, to keep it fresh, they install many dim sum chefs to make the dim sum in front of you based on your preference ! How cool is that?

The varieties is just mind blowing. Last night was the first time I have ever eat a fresh cactus dip in treacle syrup ! The taste is not bad, I thought it would be slimy but it wasn't. It was crunchy, juicy but with little taste and that is why they serve it with the treacle syrup to make it sweet.

The food covered almost all type of cuisine. Chinese, Taiwanese, French, American, and Japanese cuisine.

Raw oysters? Shark fins soup? Lobsters? Wines , champange and cocktails? Haggen Daz and Swiss ice cream ? No problem. They have them all and you can eat them all !!!

Definitely a great place to go .....

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