Saturday, February 05, 2005

Buying Tons of Bilingual Recipe Books

Since I know my husband, from someone who knows nothing about boiling a water, I become a big collector of recipe books. Any kind of recipe books. In fact it is my dream to travel around the world and buy all kind of recipe books from every new places that I come to visit.

My husband understand my passion for cooking and he loves to help me out in improving my recipe book collections. Mostly I think because he benefit a lot from it. I love trying out new recipe everyday. I also love to immitate the new food that I taste in the restaurant.

So today, my husband took me to buy new recipe books again. Everytime I went to Taipei, I always buy a lot of new recipe books. Is not as easy as you think because it is much harder to find an authentic bilingual recipe book. And also because I already has so many, I become more and more critical at choosing the books. For example like today, from maybe around 200 recipe books, there are only maybe 30 bilingual recipe books. Then from that 30 books, I finally only buy 4 of them. In fact one of the four books that I bought is not even bilingual at all. It's in Chinese, but I bought it because I think the subject is interesting which is Chinese candies ! All sort of Chinese candies, hard candies, soft candies, very traditional candies which is basically you take some fresh fruits then dip it in this caramel liquid that will harden into a crisp coating ! Then I bought a book about cold dishes only. I found it interesting because this type of food usually easy to be carried around if you have to go to a potluck party, picnic, or your lunch box. The third book is all about soup. I love soup. Then the last one is about main entree. It's really hard to find a recipe book that the content is not going to repeat again what you already have in your other recipe books. But this one manage not to repeat those old recipes again.

In Taipei , they install 2 monitors where you can see the newest products and movies. Posted by Hello

So many sellers selling food for Chinese New Year party Posted by Hello

Shoes... shoes.... shoes... so many and their price is reasonable too in this shoes street Posted by Hello

Fashion center for teenagers ! Posted by Hello

Around that area, the street is like being divided into several area depending on what they sell. For example, there is one street that only sells cameras. Then there is another street that only sells books. Another sells clothes, and another sells shoes. Funny to see how those sellers are competing with their neighbours selling the same stuff but this system actually works because when people wants to buy a camera, they automatically went to go to that street where they can walk around and looking for the best bargain they can get. Since we are not too far from Chinese New Year, that area also sells a lot of food for the Chinese New Year party. I took some pictures there.

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Hi Yohana Wu
I never realised that so many blogs would show up if I did a search on something like cooking artichokes . I'm still not sure how well Take it easy, we only went to buy recipe books for my collection falls into that categoory, but I've enjoyed visiting :0) Adios Amigo.