Sunday, February 13, 2005

Lantern Festival in Taipei

Tonight we , that's mean me, my husband, my son, my parents, and my brother in law's family went to see the Lantern Festival in Taipei. It takes place in downtown Taipei and it was 2.5 km long ! Since it was cold and drizzly, we only went for a short walk. Too bad, I was ready to take lots of pictures. Another reason why I did not press on is because I have not buy the camera I was planning to buy today. I was planning to buy Nikon D70.

We did go to the camera store after making a call first to make sure that they do have it on the stock but by the time we arrived there , all gone ! Goodness! Not only that but that tiny little store ( Maybe only 3x3 m ) are totally jammed with customers and there are lines outside it too !

I wish I have my new camera tonight because with my old camera ( Coolpix 450 ) and without a tripod, my photos are all blurred ! But at least I tried my best to show you what I experienced tonight.

Taipei Lantern Festival Posted by Hello

Going to see light festival in downtown Taipei Posted by Hello

It's fun to watch it at night when there are not too many people around. Posted by Hello

Taipei Lantern Festival run about 2 weeks. Posted by Hello

Taipei Lantern Festival is GREAT ! Posted by Hello

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