Thursday, February 24, 2005

The day to meet our old friends and family

A special day today because we were able to meet our old friends from back in Univ. of Central Oklahoma. In the morning we met Hengky and Angela, husband and wife with their 2 boys. Then later that night we met Jonren and his girlfriend.

Also, we had a dinner party together with my oldest aunt and her son's family too. The last time I met my cousin Ham was in 1998 or less and I don't even recall when was the last time I met his wife and his daughter ( Dina ) let alone his son. Dina now is married and had a baby boy. She and her husband lived in Malang, near Surabaya. I was fortunate enough that she happened to visit my cousin at this time.

This morning we went to see our old friends from Univ. of Central Oklahoma. Both husband and wife , Henky and Angela are our friends and now they already have 2 boys. Posted by Hello

From my friends' home we went to Mall Taman Anggrek ( Orchid Garden Mall ) . Posted by Hello

We got bored waiting for my parents to finish shopping so I brought my son to have his hair cut in this fun place. And it only cost $ 7.50. I paid CAN $ 20 plus $ 5 tip each time I bring my son to the same children hair salon here in Vancouver. And this Jakarta hair salon looks much better than the one in Vancouver. Posted by Hello

Dinner with family. The man who stand next to the refrigerator is my cousin Ham. His wife unfortunately was hidden behind my husband. Then for the first time you can see my uncle Jongki's daughter Amanda who sat next to him on the floor. The 2 men, one with white shirt is cousin Ham's son in law and next to him is his son. Posted by Hello

Jonren and his girlfriend came to see us that same night. Posted by Hello

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