Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Show and Tell

It's a special day today for Kai Kai. He has been asking me if I can bring his precious little sister to school with him and I finally asked his teacher about it and they happily welcome her to come. In fact in Kai Kai's school they have a program called "Empathy", they want to teach children about empathy and tolerance with differences, that it's okay to be different. They teach them by asking parents with new babies to bring their baby to school every month so that children can follow the babies progress from month to month. They measure the baby, and they can ask the mother or the sibling all about the babies. This is why Kai Kai is so good with his sister because he learn to understand that babies cries because they are hopeless, they can't do anything unless you give it to them or help them.

Kai Kai has never once loose his temper when his sister cries. He felt so bad for her and he will do anything he can to cheer her up. He understand why she cried, maybe because she is tired, hungry or she needs her diaper changed. He is so good at recognizing why she cries that I tend to listen to his reasoning because 80% he is always right.

So first when I brought La La to the school, they children are already sitting in circle and in the middle they place a mat where I have to put La La there for all to see. Then the teacher asked KK to stand up and tell them all about his sister. The teacher help by asking him the right questions. She also tell the children that they can ask Kai Kai or me about La La. They are so eager to know La La, it's so cute!

There is another motive why I volunteer, this is the only way I can get inside the school and take pictures of Kai Kai in his school habitat!

Yesterday, the teachers invite someone from animal rescue to bring a boa constrictor, a toad, and a lizard to school. They let the children play with those animal and according to the teacher, Kai Kai was the bravest one. When the snake trying to wrap around Kai Kai's body, other children got scared but Kai Kai enjoy it very much! The teacher show me the photo of Kai Kai holding the snake. So later I gave the teacher an empty CD-ROM so she can copy all Kai Kai's photos at school in there and gave it to me. Last Christmas, the teachers has the great idea of documenting the children every week for 5 minutes and then edit the movies and gave it to us as a Christmas gift from them to the parents! What a wonderful idea!

La La also behaving so well. At first she was asleep but then later she was awake but she did not cry at all. She just stretching non-stop and looking at the children. She is not scared at all, she just so curious. Very easy going. I could not wait for the next time I can bring her again to the school !!!

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