Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Baby, A Boy, and A Camera in A Garden

Richard suggested to me today to bring both La La and Kai Kai to VanDusen Garden because the weather is so nice. At first I said no because originally I want all of use to go there together to take a family picture and a family picture is not complete without Richard because he has to go to work. So instead, I took both kids to Lansdowne Mall, first to mail out our tax paperwork then to give Kai Kai a haircut. Also I want to see the kitchen store in there as well.

I love Ming Wo, at first I thought this store is so small, I don't think they can carry things that are rare or good quality. But lately, I have change my mind about this store. Every times I go there, I always found something unique, something new, good quality too. I found three tiered cake/food stand, it's 3 different size white square plates with silver stick in the middle that hold them upright. I love it! I have been collecting white serving dishes for the past 1 year. It started by buying the cheapest dish set from IKEA and progress from there. I tried to buy serving dishes that can be used inside the oven, so they are not only good looking but functional and strong as well. From chatting with the cashier, she told me that in the past one year, white serving plates/bowls is the most popular one because people notice that white plates makes the food pop out more and they are easy to be decorated with dots of raspberry sauce, or a small river of basil oil etc...That's also why I collected white plates and bowl from a year ago!

I also found a round spiral plate from my local grocery store that is not only can be placed inside the oven but it is also on sale for only $ 10! Very unique plate!

Anyway.... see, how easy I got distracted???

At the end, I changed my mind again, and I took both kids to VanDusen. It's been awhile since I went there because I have been on bed rest part of my pregnancy and it's just too darn cold to go there in the winter with a newborn baby!

I went there with an optimist heart that today I can take lots of pictures of me with La La. I brought a tripod with me too so all KK has to do is just press the button of the camera. He has done this before.

But by the time we arrived, the weather changed to cloudy, then I found out that most of the flowers on the trees are gone, then not all the rhododendron flowers are open yet, and then La La start to get cranky ( I think because she wants to be able to sleep quietly at home ). And at last is Kai Kai accidentally press one of the button and because of that the camera refused to focus in the middle, only on the right side of the picture and I couldn't change that because....well...I am too lazy to read the English version manual on my camera that my husband downloaded from internet. My camera's original manual is in Japanese. So that's it...I stayed there for only an hour and we pack everything and go home...

I forgot to mention that 2 weeks ago Kai Kai finally lost his tooth for the first time, he is so proud of it because that's mean he is a big boy. Now the tooth next to the missing one is also started to shake. I guess 2 more weeks it will fall off too.

VanDusen is getting ready for their plant sale event. I think they do this several times in a year to raise money. The plant sale event is this Sunday.

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