Saturday, April 01, 2006

Love One Another

Since I am the only child , I never knew how it feels to have a sibling. I can't imagine what kind of love that brothers and sisters has for each other or what it feels to have a sibling rivalry or jealousy. So when we plan to have a second child, I was always worried that Kai Kai will be very jelous with his younger sister. But because I lost 2 babies before Gabriella, Kai Kai learn how hard it is for him to have a little sister. He had been waiting to have a little sister for the longest time. He knows how painfull it is to wait for the baby to be born but then the baby died. He cried when I lost my last baby boy and he can not forget that painful experience. So now he finally has a little sister, he fell in love with her on the first sight. I still can see it the first time he is able to hold Gabriella in his arms how his face just lit up like a Christmas tree, so happy, so in love, and so proud to be her big brother and that love has not died down. Every day he comes home from school, he always looking for his little sister. This was back when my mom was the one who drove to his school to pick him up. Now, I have to go and pick him up myself and since I don't have anybody to babysit her, I have to bring Gabriella with me to school. Every day when we arrive to Kai Kai's school, he will ran to us and he will kiss her first and says " My sister!"... oh so sweet...

He is such a great baby sitter that I will wait until he came home from school before I start cooking dinner because then I can just left the baby with him! He is that good! But actually, the other reason is because Gabriella is also in love with her big brother. She loves watching him, and when his attention is not on her, maybe because he is watching cartoon on TV, then she will try to get his attention back to her, either by calling him or if she is near enough, she will keep touching him.

It's so cute to see Kai Kai hold her on the sofa and they both watching cartoon together. She is so quiet when he is holding her and this can last up to an hour, that is enough time for me to cook dinner for the family!

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