Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Fairground Came To Town!

Every spring there is a fairground that always comes to Richmond. They usually have their rides set up in Lansdowne Mall's parking lot. We went there 3 years in a row. Some times they last about a month, but sometimes within days they already pack everything and go. I am never sure about their schedule, maybe it's base on the weather since we have lots of rain here and people don't usually go to fairground when it's rainy day.

We were lucky today to go there, they already been here for at least 10 days that I know of, and the next day they already gone. I will feel bad for KK if he doesn't have the chance to ride those rides.

This fairground is fairly small but it's enough to entertain small children like Kai Kai. But every year around August the real big fairground always comes to Vancouver and then we have a big celebration there for a month. It always at the PNE and not only fairground, they have farm show where children are being educated about animal farm. They can see how the eggs hatching in front of their eyes, they can milk the cow, chasing pigs too if they want. Then they have a dog show by Eukanuba. More and more shows are added every year and the food just amazing! All those food that bad for your health but boy are they good!!!

This year Kai Kai has more fun because he is growing taller and that's mean he can ride things that last year he wasn't allowed to. He is not scared to try all of them, some times he still goes back to the kiddie rides again. I guess when you are 5 yrs old, you are between two worlds, you think you are a big kid, but some time you still wants to be babied like babies. That's why I like to tease him some times by calling him "Maybe Baby" and I told him when he can make up his mind which one is he. He always wants us to treat him like a big boy but then he still asked his daddy to carry him like a baby, when I give baby toys to Gabriella, Kai Kai has to try them first! My husband knows how fast a child can grow and soon he won't be able to carry him anymore, so he never say no to Kai Kai request if he wants him to carry him around, he even exercise to build his muscle so he can carry Kai Kai longer...hahaha! Well... what ever the reason is, I benefit from it too.... all those muscles....hhmmmm...:)

What am I talking about? Oh yeah...fairgrounds... sorry, I got side track. Soooo...while Kai Kai was trying all those scarier rides, we saw a mean father who scolding his son, man... he just grab his son's front top in front of everybody because his son even though I guess he is 6 years old or 7, he did not dare to ride scarier rides like Kai Kai. I feel sorry for that boy to be humiliated like that in front of everybody. His mom even though speak softer but pretty much the same.

Too bad while we were there Gabriella slept through it ( like usual! ), I wish she was awake so I can show her lots of things, but maybe she won't understand it anyway...

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