Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Getting More Talkative

Now La La is around 10 weeks old and she is starting to talk. As long as we pay her a little attention, she will start to talk back to us. She can even call me, according to her, my name is "Eh..eh.."...hahahaa

She really loves to talk, she can talk back to me for over half an hour! Maybe more if I didn't have to cook or clean!

I teach Kai Kai how to talk to her too and she loves talking to her older brother too.

She also respond more when I talk or sing to her. Sometimes she laugh at my conversation, and some time she even sing together with me. I notice that her favorite song is " Jesus loves me ". For some reason, when I sing this song she tend to smile more or even sing with me.

I love to see her face when she saw my face and her whole face just light up , full of big smile, just so happy to see me! She only does this to me, not with Richard or Kai Kai. Well... maybe Kai Kai too, but definitely I am her number one priority!

If I thought she was such a happy baby, now she is even more! She is just a nonstop smiling and laughing machine!

For now, she is still not able to sleep through the night yet and my dear...dear...beloved husband volunteer himself to watch after her at night so I can sleep throught the night!!!! Because of this, I can be a better mother for her because I wasn't too exhausted to care for her, I am in better mood also. This is good for me because I notice that even though I feel fine, but I notice that I am more easily tired than before my surgery.

Eating healthy, taking vitamins, relatively enough sleep doesn't seem to help. I still get tired easily now. I have no idea why.

Because my husband has to take care of her every night, he gets a weekly massage now as a reward ! Hahaha....it's just I wish I can join him too.... :)

And for Kai Kai, he is still as great as before. He still loves his sister very much, nothing change about this. He knows more about all the tricks on how to keep her content. He knows that she needs to be rock to sleep so that way I can cook dinner for the family. He is so sweet.... :)

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