Saturday, April 15, 2006

Missing My Son

Last week I invited my friends to come and have a BBQ with us. We become friends because our children used to go to the same school together for 2 years. Later we found out that beside our children are good friends we also like each other a lot. So, even though our children do not go to the same school anymore, we still good friend with them.

Mary Ann today invited Kai Kai to have his first sleep over in her house from today till Monday and tomorrow she invited us to have an Easter Egg Hunts Party in her home because I mention it to her that we have never been to an Easter Egg hunt before! She told me a lot of places now a days only use chips that later the children can trade in for some gifts instead of eggs. I said that doesn't sound like real Easter Eggs Hunts party.

She is so kind, she thought about what I said, and then she sent me an email to invite all of us and some of her friends that just immigrate to Canada as well to come over to her home and have an Easter egg hunt party! Her only request was that every family should donate 10 plastic eggs that are filled with either little toys or candy or both.

Because this is our first time, I really do not know how much is too much. I went overboard with the candies. Instead of 10 eggs, I end up with 74 eggs! Just imagine, I have to wash every plastic eggs first, dry them up , then filled all of them with candies ( I couldn't find toys in my grocery store! ). To secured them from opening and spill the candies all over the ground tomorrow, I put a tiny tape on them to hold it close. I spent a lot of time doing this but I think I have fun. I just want Kai Kai and other kids to have as many eggs as they can!

Richard thought they are so cute, he wish he can buy more of the plastic eggs to bring back to Indonesia so we can throw an Easter egg hunt party like Mary Ann with Kai Kai's future classmates. But I saw tonight that the grocery store really ran out of any plastic eggs!

I am trying to get my mind of my sadness, so I got busy with making strawberries pound cake with macerated strawberries topping. I plan to bring this cake to the party tomorrow.

Anyway, doing all this thing is good for me. It keeps my mind off Kai Kai ( yeah, right!! ). I feel so sad that he is going to stay in someone else's home! This is Kai Kai's first sleep over. Man... it's so hard to let your kids go!!!! I tried to persuade him to stay home but he is just to excited to have his first sleep over with his good friend, James that I just have to let him go because I know he is going to have such a great time there.

With heavy heart, I pack his bag with his jammies, his clothes,his iguana doll that he got from the fairground, his shampoo, soap, and toothbrush. Oh.. I miss him terribly right now I could not even sleep, that's why I am in front of computer writing this story ...

Even La La cheerful laughters can not cheer me up like usually. She is getting more adorable, she has such a cute laugh. Big open toothless smile and then she goes "ah...ah...ah.." instead of "ha..ha..ha". So just ...I miss my son....

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