Saturday, April 22, 2006

School's Garage Sale

Busy...busy...busy... The whole day we are very very busy. First thing to do in the morning I woke up at 7 because La La woke up and she needs to eat. Then I prepare breakfast for us before Kai Kai has to go to his Chinese school. Then when Richard returned home from the school, we get ready again to go to Kai Kai's Montessori School because today the school has it's annual garage sale. I donated a lot of our stuff there, all of them are nice stuff! Like Kai Kai's cool sledge that only been used 2 times. Some of his cool toys. 2 window fans, 2 humidifiers, etc. All of the profit will go to the school's year end party. We went there to see if they still need more hands but looks like they are doing fine.

From there, I stop by at the nearby grocery just to buy few things because I need to get ready to feed James who is going to stay with us for a sleep over.

Then.... we went to pick up Kai Kai from his Chinese school and go back home right away because I better start making dinner. Yes...dinner. Lately I have been experimenting with my slow cooker that I haven't use for over a year if not more. 2 days ago was a french beef stew, then yesterday was Italian's, today breakfast is Chinese porridge and today dinner is Mexican stew. Very international.

KK is so happy to have James sleep over in our home. They play and play and play non stop. It was hard to make them sit down and have their dinner. Actually it was pretty easy because they are old enough to play together nicely so we don't have to do anything except watching them when they want to play outside.

At 9, we sent them to bed and by 9.30 they both fast asleep. Too tired from all the playing today!

The only one who is not used to this new situation is La La. She has to try harder to fall asleep because of the noises that the 2 boys made! But like usual, she is so sweet and so easy going, so it only takes 5 more extra minutes to make her fall asleep. No big deal at all.

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