Saturday, April 01, 2006

Going To My Son's Ski Lesson

If you read my previous blog I wrote that one of the thing I miss very much to do when I was on bed rest was missing my son's new milestone. One of them was his first ski lesson. When ever my husband came home from sending him to his ski lesson, he always told me how great was Kai Kai's progress in his ski lesson and all I can do was envision it only, until at one time Richard feeling sorry for me, he took his camcorder with him and show me the result at home. But the feeling is not the same as standing there myself and watch him like I used to do. My son and I are very close, and where ever he goes, I goes.

Then last week for the first time I went to the mountain to see him skiing. I even brought my parents and Gabriella with us. Off course because she is too small, she stay in the lodge with my parents but I stand on the snow with Richard. I made a movie of him skiing and also took some shots. It was hard to get a good shot because there is no way I can get close to him enough with my puny digital camera's lens. I need those lenses that the paparazzi use!!

My husband wasn't kidding when he call Kai Kai "blue ferrari" because he loves to ski so fast downhill! My son likes to just zoom straight down the hill even though his teacher wants him to ski downhill slowly by going down in zig zag motion. This time though, he did what his teacher asked him to do, he did the zig zag. But when ever he has the chance to ski fast, he took it! To show you, I upload his movie when his teacher has to chase him down because he ski too fast and left his teacher and his classmate behind!

But that was old news, today he move to a more difficult ski class, this time his teacher brought him to the top of the mountain it was so high that for one hour class, he only ski down hill twice because it took that long to go up there and come down again! He is learning to zig zag with his ski paralel, and just use his knees to move left or right.

Back to last week story again, well, I took some nice shots of Gabriella but since I don't want to be too far from the lodge, the background photo was not pretty, just the parking lot area.

When we are on the way down the mountain, we stop on the view point and I took some nice shots and even a short movie of Vancouver view from Cypress Mt. because last week the weather was picture perfect, clear blue sky which is very rare in here!

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