Friday, April 14, 2006

Dining Experience at All You Can Eat Buffet in Taiwan

Every time I introduced hot shabu-shabu to Indonesian, they always fall in love right away with it, I guess it's because all of the chilies in it. It is so wickedly hot!!!

My first experience with it was pretty embarrassing. Richard took me to eat it in Taipei. When the waitress asked if we want half and half I said no, give the one type one. Half and half means, in one pot there is a divider that separate 2 different soup bases. Some people like to order half mild, and half the hot one.

Then the second question is, how hot do I want it to be? I said gave me the hottest! I thought, hey... I am an Indonesian right ? And they are Taiwanese right? I should be able to eat more hot stuff than them. Cocky...cocky...cocky....

When I took my first sip of the hot shabu2....I almost die! First it burn your tongue, then it burn your throat. The chilies burn your tongue, then the szechuan peppercorn burn your throat! I am only able to eat one bowl before I surrendered. But I personally like the flavor so the next time I order it, I asked for medium hot. This is an eye opener experience for me, I thought Taiwanese people can not eat and do not like hot food. Boy... am I mistaken!!! Until now, Richard eat more chilies than I do.

These are a few pictures of a place in Taipei where you can eat hot shabu-shabu buffet style. Not only they have so many varieties of food that you can dip it inside the shabu2 soup, they also has many fruits, cake, pudding, even Haggen-Daz Ice cream all you can eat!!! Eating out in Taipei is really really fun, but you need someone native to bring you there. Lucky me.... I marry the native guy!

And.... it only cost CAN $ 10! Maybe US $ 9? Rupiah...well count it your self.

The service also great, they even give you a plastic bag that you can sealed so that your jacket/coat won't get the smell of the food.

Eating all you can eat buffet in Taiwan are lots of fun because there are many types there. I have been to the expensive one in taipei, it cost US 21 - 30 a person. But you get sharkfin ( don't forget, this is all you can eat! ), raw oysters, sashimi, steak, wines, coctails, haggen daz again, etc.

There is also all you can eat Thai buffet. There few hundreds different dishes! We are planning to try this one when we go to Taipei this summer.

I have been to Mongolian BBQ all you can eat buffet too. They are wonderful as well. You can even make your own noodle soup there, lots of sushi/sashimi, French appetizer and desserts etc.

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