Wednesday, April 20, 2005

We're not to young to be in love

My son, Kai Kai, started going to school in Montessori in September 2003. Tha was his first time to have to find a friend by himself and the first friend he made was with Ines, a very smart, funny vibrant and cute girl that is 4 months older than himself.

When they are together they never stop laughing and playing together. Sometimes my son tease her until she gets mad but all soon will be forgotten and they will play together again.

After almost 2 years knowing her, they are still as close as before. To show you how much Kai Kai likes her I give you some example.

Everyday at school Kai Kai have his lunch there and usually I will prepare him his lunchbox myself. But one time he saw that the grocery sells lunch packages. Some of them has chocolate or candies beside the actual food. Some even has drink too. Since Kai Kai loves Chocolate so much ( because of his grandpa Ario ) he insist me to buy him the lunch package with the chocolate in it. The next day when he sit and ready to have his lunch with his friends, he show off what he had. When Ines saw the chocolate, she asked him if he can share it with her. Let me tell you something. At that time Kai Kai really didn't want to share any thing with any body ( he is much better now ). There is no way he will share that chocolate with anybody. But we are not talking about anybody here. We are talking about Ines. His first friend and possibly his first... love. Without blinking his eyes, he just hand it to her......

2 weeks ago, for his lunch, I bought yoghurt bottles. I know that Kai Kai loves the taste. But once he saw it in his lunch bag, he gave it straight to Ines ! And when he came home, he told me proudly that he gave her the yoghurt. I asked him why because without the yoghurt, he has nothing do drink. He said , " That's ok mama, I gave it to her because I know she loves it so much. It just ... I forgot to tell her to let her mom know that I gave her my yoghurt ! " Can you imagine? So young but he knows all the trick. He knows that Ines is very close to her mom because her father works in China and only come to visit her once in a while. Kai Kai knows enough that in order to get her he better be nice to her mom ! Jeez.....

The next day, I gave him 2 bottles of yoghurt. I know he is going to give her one, so now he can drink the other one. But guess what he told me when I picked him up ? He said, " Mama, I give her both of my yoghurt today ! And I did not forget this time to remind her to tell her mom all about it ! ".

Kai Kai does many things for Ines. Follows her around, carries her things for her, shares his chocolate and yoghurt, holds her hand, hugs her, and tells her many times that he loves her. Even one time Ines told Richard and me that she knows Kai Kai loves her very much. I guess it's true that we are not to young to be in love .....

Kai Kai and Ines, last January at the school back yard. They made snowballs together ! Posted by Hello

Kai Kai and Ines playing together always Posted by Hello

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