Sunday, April 17, 2005

Having Fun in a fishermen village

Sometimes when we need a place where we can fantasize that we are on vacation away from the city life, all we have to do is just drive for 15 minutes to Steveston Fishermen Village. That place is so near yet it always makes me feel like I am so far away from the city. The living style there is so relax, you can't help it not to feel the same. It's a great place to unwind.

Even though the place is so small just 2 or 3 blocks. But there are quite a few things to see, buy , or eat. There is Pajo's, Tapenade Mediteranean Bistro, 4 sushi restaurants, 5 Greek restaurants, 4 India restaurants, 3 Italian's and British Home, where you can shop for authentic British grocery.

For more information about what to see and buy you can go to this website :

But for us, it was just a great family place. First we went to the dock where we can see the fishermen selling fresh seafood. Then since Richard is very hungry, we went to eat seafood for lunch. Since I like to try different restaurant, this time we ate in Sockeye City Dinner. The food is pretty good. Then we went to buy some flowers and herbs for our garden. After we left all our plants safely in the car, we went to take Kai Kai to the big playground. This playground has been upgraded 2 years ago with CAN $ 600K. So everything is still looking new.

Kai Kai has so much fun there and he also made new friend with a boy that only recently moved from England. While the 2 boys playing together we had a nice chat with the parents. When the boy's father saw my big camera, he said it's too big, I should use a smaller camera like his. Then he took his camera from his pocket and it looks exactly like a Zippo lighter ! I was confused at first then he open it and voila ! A digital camera AND a camcorder in one ! I could not believe how tiny that thing is ! Then Richard said that it looks like something that James Bond might have. And the man just turn it over and show us that at the bottom of the camera is indeed James Bond 007's camera ! He said he bought it from internet, when he saw what that tiny camera can do, he just can't resist ! Hahahaha...

Anyway... today is a long day, but we definitely had tons of fun together.

I am at Steveston Fishermen Village, just 15 minutes drive from where we live but it feels like we are already vacationing at out of town area. Posted by Hello

Sockeye City Dinner is where we have our lunch. I order a lunch for 2 consists of 4 deep fried fish, 2 oyster, 2 shrimps, and squids. While Kai Kai ate tomato and basil steam mussels. Posted by Hello

This picture was taken in July 2003, that seafood restaurant Pajo's is very famous for their fish and chips. You can see from the lines there. This is just one of the nice restaurants in Steveston. Their price is reasonable too. Posted by Hello

One of gifts and souvernirs store here in Steveston Fisherman Village. Posted by Hello

In Steveston Fisherman Village you will see : lots of seafood restaurants, most of them are good. Actually I have never been dissapointed yet with their food. Then you can shop all sort of cute souvernirs or other arts and crafts. You can buy seafood direct from the fishermen or from the fish stores. It's cheaper if you buy it from the fishermen. Then there is a big playground too. Posted by Hello

A new photographer in training. I let him keep that camera and to do with it as he wishes. It's fun to see the result by the end of the day. Look at how serious he is. Posted by Hello

I have never found cheaper shrimps than in here. 5 pounds of shrimps for just CAN $ 20. Posted by Hello

Choosing fresh fish direct from the fishermen. They just caught those fishes the night before. I see some sole, rock fish, monk fish , and salmons. They are cheap too. Most of them are directly frozen after being caught but some are still alive. Posted by Hello

Kai Kai loves gardening. I started to introduce him to the joy of gardening 2 years ago when I allowed him to pick the plants and then help me transplant them into the ground. He also help me a lot with the daily maintainance like pinching the dead flowers, clean up the yard, and watering the plants. But unlike me, he loves cactus as well. Posted by Hello

Amazing what a gym class can do to a kid's confidence. Now he wants to try all kind of new activities on his own. Posted by Hello

This is a new accomplishment for Kai Kai who after just 1 day in his gym class, he acquired a new confidence to do this on his own. Usually he needed help from Richard. Posted by Hello

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