Sunday, April 24, 2005

Lunch in Grenville Public Market

After we went to church this morning, I asked Richard to drive me to Grenville Public Market to buy some excellent breads. In Vancouver every area has their own public market. So far I have been to only 3 of them. The biggest one is Grenville Public Market, then there is Lonsdale Quay Public Market. And Richmond also has one, it's called Richmond Public Market. Richmond Public Market sells the cheapest produce but with lower quality ( what do you expect? ). My favorite one is off course Grenville Public Market since they have the most stuff there. I can find almost anything there that my recipe books demand. I have a quite large collection of recipe books that I collected over the years and I did not limit them into only Asian food but pretty much around the globe. When ever I went to Taiwan to visit my in laws, I always come back with at least 10 more recipe books. For me I would rather buy local recipe books than souvenirs ! And since I have so many of European recipe books too, this place is a great place to start if the book asked me to buy something specific. Actually, this place also sells all sort of Asian herbs and fruits too. Not only European food.

Grenville Island has more than food actually, they also has many craft stores. They made wood crafts here, custom made shoes, blown glass, silk, papers, even a brewery ! They also has Kids Market. You can see it more details about Kids Market in my previous entry when my cousin Liza and her family was here. Just scroll down this page and you will find it.

So today, I bought 2 loaves of bread. One is Pumpkin seeds bread, the other is sourdough. They even give me 2 free freezer bags for them. Then I bought also a fruit and nuts crips. I never try it yet, so I don't know if they are as delicious as the breads. Then I bought 3 fresh blueberries tart that to die for ! I love this place. Every guests I have I always bring them here and they love this place as well. So.... don't forget to visit this market if you happen to be here !

This photo is taken 2 years ago in Summer time. Beside food, Grenville Island also has many unique craft stores and Kids Market. Next to the Kids Market is this water park that only open in summer. It's a public place so it's free. Posted by Hello

From back to front : seedless green grapes, kumquats, green apricots, raspberries, and strawberries. Here, they also sell a lot of tropical fruits such as mangoes, dragon fruits, rambutan, durians, longans, mangosteen (manggis), jackfruits, and duku. I think they have more I just can't remember what else. Indonesian herbs too like kunyit, lengkuat etc. Posted by Hello

This photo actually taken in Christmas time, From this store, I love to buy their salads. Yummy. Posted by Hello

Only quality and organic apples are sold in this store. Posted by Hello

Organic Apples or any organic produce are being sold here. Posted by Hello

These are just one of the store that sells all sort of cheeses, prepared foods, olives and pastas. They have quite a big selection of european food here. Mostly Italian maybe. I love the fresh buffalo mozzarella. The best mozzarella because they are so creamy. Big different from the normal mozzarella that comes from cows. Weird huh? The pasta here is so colorfull and comes in many different shapes like candies! Posted by Hello

Fresh pasta comes in all kind of shapes, colors and fillings. They are very creative with the fillings, like lobsters, pumpkin, black truffles, etc. Posted by Hello

And this is my favorite place to buy bread. Not cake. Their bread is excellent. Crusty, chewy, nutty, fruity or tangy. It's up to you. And it cost only CAN $3.50. When I was in Surabaya, the bread cost higher but with lower quality. Posted by Hello

I love buying veggies here because usually fruits and veggies here are always so good looking . Posted by Hello

Me ! Posted by Hello

Me again... ! Don't be bored watching me! HA HA! Posted by Hello

The bridge is called Grenville Bridge and you can see around that area accross the water is a new development area called Yale Town. There are a couple of new tower is being build right now. One time, when they start selling the new high rise condo to public, people are lining up sleeping on the street 3 days before the sale began ! Properties in Vancouver is hot right now.  Posted by Hello

The mountain with a little bit of snow left is Cypress Mt. One of the three ski area that we have here. I have been to only 2 of them which are Cypress Mt, and Grouse Mt. Both approximately only 15 minutes from downtown ! Downtown itself is next to the sea. So within few minutes only you can have both beach and ski ! That's how good Vancouver is ! In front of the mountain is the English Bay I mention below and the bridge is Burrard Bridge. Posted by Hello

This is English Bay and look at those aquabus busy delivering people. Posted by Hello

One thing you have to be carefull is with these birds. Never leave your food at all! They will grab it ! One time, I saw a woman who just came out from the food court carrying his chinese food plate and a big seagull just swoop down and peck at her plate until it fell and the food was all over the ground. Then... he came back and finish his job by eating all of the Chinese food he can eat ! Posted by Hello

Yummy hot dog with european sausage. Posted by Hello

Around this river there are some hot spots like this Grenvile Island, Yale Town, English Bay, Kitsilano Beach, and Science World. And if you are lazy to drive around and find parking space you can just hop on this aquabus ! Posted by Hello

Accros the river from Grenville Island is already downtown Vancouver. The first area near the water is called Yale Town. A new trendy area where mostly young couple or singles live.The apartments around there is usually small but new. Posted by Hello

What a great way to eat on this beautiful sunny day here in Grenville Island Public Market. Posted by Hello

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