Friday, April 15, 2005

Going to the Gym Class

Today Kai Kai has to go to his first Gym class. I am kind of worried that he will acting so weird like in his Tap Dancing class 2 days ago but thank goodness once he saw the gym look like his face just lit up !

I am glad that there are not too many kids in this class because it's safer that way since the teacher and her assistant can really pay close attention to every kids.

The teacher is great and the assistant is good also. So there is no problem there.

There are several , what do you say that? Obstacles areas? So the children has to go through one by one. They learn how to do forward roll, walk on the balance beams or planks, climb the ladders, swinging even swinging all the way up and back ! Jeez... I still could not believe that my son has done it !

I was never an exercise person. The idea of having to exercise until sweat dripping all over my body is just too alien to me . And now I have to help my son doing just that. This should be my husband's job, he loves sport. But to see how happy Kai Kai was, I guess it's all work out just fine.

Roll it baby ! Posted by Hello

Here is where Kai Kai has to swing 360 degrees, up and down again. Posted by Hello

First day in the Gym class. Posted by Hello

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