Thursday, April 14, 2005

Something I like about my husband

Talking about husband is really a touchy subject isn't it? But I bet every wives do that right? Instead of complaining, I will tell you exactly why I like my husband.

He loves children. He loves them so much. While other husbands, especially Indonesian type of husband think think that children are their wife's responsibility and job to take care off. My husband did exactly the opposite.

Since Kai Kai was born in 2000, I never take a day off from caring for him. The only times I was away for longer than few hours, those times I spent it on hospital bed ! So my husband decide that I am long due for a vacation. That's part of why I was in Surabaya and they went back to Canada on their own. I deserve a vacation, my son needs to go back to school and he knows that my mom still missing me. So for 2 weeks, he babysit our son. He is not scared of taking Kai Kai on 2 trips, first from Surabaya to Taipei for 1 week stay there, then from Taipei to Vancouver.

Off course since my son never stay away from me longer than 2 days when I had to stay in the hospital, I am so worried that he will miss me so much. So Richard did everything he can to make sure that my son stayed happy all those time. So everyday, when the weather permited he will take my son for a ride in his scooter because Kai Kai loves it so much. Then he brought him to play in several children playgrounds. Took him to buy toys too. My son's days are filled with joys so everything worked out just fine.

My son, even though he was so busy enjoying all those activities, he never forgets about me. When he stayed home in Taiwan, he likes to draw me some pictures, then he faxed them to me. How sweet..... I did that first actually. I sent him a drawing of me kissing him.....

Send his drawing and letter via Fax to mama.  Posted by Hello

Drawing and writing letters for mama in Surabaya. Posted by Hello

So much fun together. A bonding time between father and son. Posted by Hello

My husband took my son to play a lot while they are in Taipei. Posted by Hello

This picture is taken when my husband and my son went back to Taiwan first. It was a lantern festival so everywhere you go you can buy lanterns in many design like one that my son is holding. This picture is shot in the dark. Posted by Hello

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