Saturday, April 16, 2005

Miss Chinese International 2005

Surprise....surprise.... we found out from our church buletin board that one of our member has won the title Miss Chinese International 2005. It's a beauty pageant for all chinese women who lives outside China territories. Is doesn't mean that for Canada they can only send one person, I found that each countries like US or Canada, has more than one contestants from different cities to compete in this competition.

Last time I went to Taiwan I was wondering how come in this big city where like maybe 9 millions Chinese people live there I have not found or see anyone that can be more beautiful than the girl in my church. Actually, Vancouver is kind of amazing in this thing. I saw more beautiful Chinese girls here than anywhere else. I mean more concrentrated in here. I found out that a lot of Taiwan or Hong Kong movie stars prefer to live in here when they are not working in Asia. Singers too. I met some famous movie producers in my regular dim sum restaurant here too. No wonder I keep meeting beautiful people in Vancouver. And now, even in my church we have a winner of Miss Chinese International Pageant as well.

All I can say about this girl is she is sooo tall. Goodness, when she wears a little bit high heal , she is towering above my husband. My husband is about 174 cm and he only reach her ears. And she is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful, tall, with long hairs and with such a sweet demeanor.

Usually when I saw her she only wear a little bit of make up if not at all. Even then she looks stunning and when I saw her in the picture with make up, I almost did not recognize her because without all those make up, not only she is still as beautiful as ever but she looks so much younger. She looks more sophisticated off course with make up. And a bit older.

Even more surprising, Vancouver has won this Miss Chinese International beauty pageant for 3 years in a row ! See... I did not made it up when I said I saw more concentrated beautiful Chinese people in Vancouver than anywhere else, even back in Taiwan.

Well... congratulation to Leanne Li, although she is only 20 yrs old, I think she will have a bright future ahead. Especially because she knows God personally.

And if you want to know more about her, you can go to :

Leanne Li Yanan won the first place for Miss Chinese International 2005. Posted by Hello

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