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Tulip Festival 2005 in Skagit Valley

After living for the past 7 years in West Coast area I finally made up my mind to see Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley, Washington State. I have planned to go there since a month ago. I want to make sure that when I am there, the tulips would be at their peak. Actually I want to go there last week but the weather did not cooperate. Almost everyday it was raining. So finally we decide to go this week because the weather forcast said that this week will be sunny and they are right. This whole week is so sunny and hot!

I tried to go there earlier to catch the morning light since it's best for photography but you know how it is..... We ended up starting from around 10. We were worried that there would be a long line in the border but it turn out to be not so bad. We only spent 20 minutes there.

After we passed the border the trip is only 40 minutes more and we arrived in Skagit Valley. First thing we did was going to the Info Centre to ask for brochures and some info. I know from the internet that there are many tulips, daffodils, and irish farm around this area but I just want to see the best one.

The direction to go to Tulip Town is easy to follow and when we arrived there I was so excited that I forgot to bring in my tripod ! I completely forgot about it until when we returned home.

The place is just like the one I imagine it will be. A vast area with any color of tulips growing there. The lady from Info Centre told us that this year weather is uncommonly warm so the peaks was in Easter. By now some of the tulips are already been cut off. I was worried a little about this but when I saw how many tulips are still left, all my doubts are gone. There are still so many tulips there and those that they already cut off did not bother me at all.

Since I plan to take as many photos as possible, I even brought my laptop with me to download the photos if my memory card is full. It turn out to be just right.

I wasn't the only one that goes crazy there with the camera, Richard also went wild taking tons of pictures of me. This is the first time that I was in most of the photos. Usually I stay behind the camera.

This place is definitely a great place to visit. Even if you are not crazy about photography, you will enjoy the view very much. Is like swimming in a sea of colorfull flowers ! Just..... try to forget the stink from the menure.....

From there we thought we should go to the other garden. I forgot the name. But after we saw it, we decided not to go there. The different is, if Tulip Town is a very large tulip farm. This one is more like a display garden but it's much smaller. Well... if you do not live in an area with lots of gardens and parks, you should go there. But if you live in Vancouver area with Butchard Garden, VanDusen Botanical Garden, Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, and Bloedel Conservatorium. I guess this place did not impress me that much. So we decide to skip it.

From there, the trip to Washington or US is not complete without going to shop for good bargain in Nordstorm Rack. I love this store the most because they carried great brand stuff from Nordstorm but with big discount. This is the best place to buy shoes ! Shoes that usually cost somewhere around $ 200 is reduced into only $ 39 ! Even Italian shoes..... Salvatore Ferragamo, tuart Weitzman, and many more are all here. And for clothings, I know Asians loves Ralp Lauren and they have it there too. In fact I just bought one shirt.

Then we went to another mall but basically we just went there to find food. Again, if you live in Vancouver, it's kind of hard to find food that can impress us anymore. So we decide to just eat what ever is available in that mall. We ended up in a seafood restaurant. The food is so so off course. I rather eat in Monk's in Vancouver. Now that is gourmet food ! It tastes and looks better and the restaurant is in a great location as well with gorgeous view and it cost the same.

Then we went to ... of all places.... Wall-Mart. Is not that we don't have Wall-Mart in Vancouver, we do off course, but we are looking for something that only available here in the States. But at the end they did not have it. I ended up only buying 2 boxes of cereal, hahahaha ! Go figure....

Anyway.... we have no problem at all in Canadian border. The officer did not even open our passports ! He just pretty much wave us goodbye ! I guess we are not the only one tired tonight.

Skagit Valley's Tulip Festival is definitely a must go place for anyone who happen to be in Washington State around April 1 to 30.

For more information about Tulip Festival, you can go to :

And for future plan. I plan to go to a lavender harvest festival in July and I hope the one in Canadian soil because I plan on buying some of the lavender products to bring home. Lavender is one of my favorite scent of all. And if you never tried Lavender honey, you are definitely should try next time. The smells of Lavender honey is so heavenly. They are hard to find but they are definitely worth the effort.

And for more information on Lavender Harvest in Canada I found this site at :

And for Lavender Harvest in Washington area, I also found this site :

I hope all these information will encourage you to find your own local Tulip Festival or Lavender Harvest. Try something new this year !

Come to visit Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley, WA or you can try to find one closer to your area. Try something new this year like we do ! Posted by Hello

Beautiful aren't they? Posted by Hello

All of the children there are as happy as my son.  Posted by Hello

Kai Kai loves Tulips Festival ! Posted by Hello

Happy Place. Posted by Hello

With all these tulips, I feel like staying here forever ! Posted by Hello

This place is a great place for you to teach your children about Tulips or nature in that matter. I teach Kai Kai about the structures of flower.  Posted by Hello

Rows upon rows of colorfull tulips are here for you to enjoy. Posted by Hello

It's a cool feeling to be surrounded with these giant tulips. Posted by Hello

Just the sight of these beautiful flowers can make people so happy. I know, because I feel that way ! Posted by Hello

Look at these gorgeous tulips in Tulip Town ! Posted by Hello

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