Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Children Art

I just heard from the teacher today that the school is trying to have a fund raising by selling the children's arts. I think the money will be donated to overseas. This is not the first time that the school has a fund raising actually a lot. Every year they wants us to help selling cookie dough for fund raising. I love it because the cookie dough is amazing. They taste so good and since I have a freezer, I can stock them up!

Then later they have another fund raising for Terry Fox Foundation. This time the kids that has to donate their money. Since I don't want to just give Kai Kai money for nothing I made him do some chores at home so he truly earn that money and that would means a lot to him too that he donate all his money for a good cause. Everyday he would do what ever I asked him to do so he can earn money. Then the next morning, he will drop his $ 1 coin into the collecting bin proudly. Clink!

Later, the school has another fund raising for donating a goat for a family in India. But this time is for the parents.

I can not wait to see the children art and craft show for the fund raising. They must be so cute ! I think most likely parents will buy their own child's ! Haha !

But in the mean time, I will show you what Kai Kai is making at home during this past few months. Some drawing and some hand crafts. Kai Kai loves to draw and he has tons of imagination. I have throw away so many of his drawing because he never stop drawing. I feel bad doing it but it just impossible for me to keep them all so Richard told me to take a photo of the one I like for memory keeping. What a great idea. But it still feels bad, so what I did was I use some of his drawings for wrapping the Christmas Ornaments. So every Christmas when I unpack the ornaments we will have a great fun seeing them again !

The unique thing about KK's drawing is , it always has story behind it. For example, he draw a car with so many thing going on with it. Then he explain to me what his car can do, it can make spaghetti comes out from the exhaust pipe, then it has some sort of chimney on the top that can produce sugar, then it has 2 steering wheels, one for mommy and the other is for him. Then don't forget to draw a while little ball with happy face stick to the antenae. Like the one we gets from Jack in the Box hamburger store.

It's always fun to see what else he is going to make.... Thank goodness again for digital camera. I can take pictures all of them !

Now this is Aunt Lucia in a dance contest with Uncle Hosea. So many audiences are watching them dance. Posted by Hello

Happy birthday Aunt Lucia, here is your picture with a birthday cake and lots of balloons ! Posted by Hello

This one is dedicated again to Aunt Lucia. This is her wedding picture. She has beautiful dress and carrying a bouquet of colorfull flowers with pink sprinkles all over the floor. Oh, he did not even forget to put lipstick on her lips since this is her wedding after all ! She has to be pretty right ? Posted by Hello

The pink one is grandma Lian and the blue one is engkong Ario. Posted by Hello

Drawing a house Posted by Hello

KK is writing down "mama" because that's what he named this drawing. The drawing is about mama ( me ! ) just finish taking a shower. She is so happy to be clean. You can tell that behind "me" was the shower head and the tub. Posted by Hello

And this is my freezer looks like. Again full of KK's arts and craft. Posted by Hello

This is how my refrigerator looks like, full of KK's art. Posted by Hello
KK made this last year but the teacher only yesterday gave it to me because all this time it was used to teach other kids in the classroom. KK said instead of cutting the continents with scissor, he punch it so that the edges are rough and more natural like. Posted by Hello

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