Friday, April 15, 2005

Love Notes

One day when my husband has to work at home he usually will lock himself in one of the room so he can concrentrate on his job. On this kind of time, my son is forbidden to enter that room. Even knowing that his Dad is near, that is not enough for my son. He miss his Dad so much. So what did he do ? He use my paper cutter to cut several strips of papers about 3 x 8 cm. Then he wrote some ABC on them since he can't actually write words yet. Then he showed me his papers and said that those words means " I love you ". When I remind him that he couldn't enter papa's working room yet. He said " I know mama, that's why I will just slide these papers under the door for Papa ! ".

My husband while busy talking on the phone he saw several strips of papers were being push under the door. He grab them but he did not understand the words on them. Later when he finished working he asked my son what did he write on those papers.

My son just hug him and said, " They say I love you Papa ! ".....

Love notes to Papa from Kai Kai. Posted by Hello

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