Monday, June 26, 2006


Kai Kai has been saying that he wants to play golf for several days and at first Richard thought he was just kidding but since he never stop asking Richard to take him to the golf course, we finally listen to him and start looking for a mini golf course. It turn out the nearest mini golf course is really near, is just 3 minutes from our home by car.

We found out that there are 15 golf courses or golf ranges around our home! From small to big. There is a bigger one even closer to us, just 1 minute away.

That day when we promise to take him to play golf, Kai Kai switched the TV channel from the usual FoodTV network or cartoon to Golf channel to see how to learn to play golf he said. Funny boy....

When we arrived in the mini golf place, he kept saying that he already know how to play golf. But after a while he realize that golf is not as easy as it looks but he keep on learning. This mini golf has 18 holes. By 12th holes, Kai Kai start to understand how to put the golf ball into the hole. By the 14th holes, he did less strokes to put the ball into the hole. By the 16th holes, he did less than 3 strokes! By the 18th holes, he almost made a hole-in-one even though he hold the club wrong! I was laughing like crazy because at first Richard kept teasing him because Kai Kai had to hit the ball so many times to put it in the hole but at then end Kai Kai beat Richard fair and square few times! Before the game finished I told Kai Kai that if he can beat his daddy even just one time I will buy him a set of junior golf clubs ( used one off course! ).

Well... he did beat Richard few times in fact, so yesterday Richard went to a used sport store to buy him his first golf clubs with the bag too. It cost about $ 30 for the clubs and another $ 30 for the bag because it's new.

They went practicing golf 2 times more since then and one time more with the new clubs.

I am not dreaming of creating another Tiger Woods, as long as my son stays outdoor exercising and stays fit, I am happy.

Happy 5 Months Birthday La La!

My sweet little baby is 5 months old now.

Now she can flip to her tummy by herself very easily but somehow she refuse to re-learn how to flip back on her back. She can do that few weeks ago but now for what ever the reason is, she forgot again. As she forgot to call me mama again.

Because she doesn't want to flip to her back on her own, when she is tired she will be cranky but yet when we help to flip her to her back, she will automatically roll to her tummy again like a reflex and she does this by whining because actually she is tired. So what we can do to stop her from rolling back again to her tummy is by distracting her ...

I tried to feed her solid but so far she did not know yet that she is suppose to swallow the food. This is a bit confusing, when I was in the States, my doctor told me to feed Kai Kai when is 6 months old but here my doctor told me to feed La La since she was 4 months old. I tried to feed her now that she is 5 months old but she doesn't want to swallow the food yet so I stop feeding her. I will try again next month.

She knows too that when she wants me to stay with her when I walk away, all she has to do is just scream! Hahaha....and mommy will running back to her again!!!

Luckily, she is just like her brother, both of them loves to play on their crib. I put lots of electonic toys hanging on the crib's gate.

So at night, she slept around 8 - 9 PM. She can sleep through the night until 7 - 8 AM the next morning. Then I enter her room to change her diaper and feed her milk and I have to left her again because then I have to feed Kai Kai his breakfast. She usually play by herself and soon she will fall asleep again until 12 ! Then she finally ready to face the day. I fed her again and play with her until around 3 - 4 PM when she is tired and wants to nap again. My life is good!!!

She drinks about almost a litter a day now. Too bad that my family doctor is on vacation right now because actually I am due to bring her to his office for weighing her weight so I can not write here what her weight is right now.

This baby girl surely knows how to sweet talk to her daddy. When she is with me she laugh a lot. But when she saw her daddy comes home from work, she wants him to carry her around and while she snuggle in his arm, she loves to whisper to her daddy for a long time! Amazing because she doesn't do this to me. She always have a big grin when she is with me but when she is with Richard, she becomes all soft, sweet and gooey on him!!! Exactly what Richard's wants....hahaha.... I can just see it when she is teenagers and wants to get her way with her daddy, all she needs to do just say " Daddy..."

Have you ever smell love? Yes, smell ... I love ( Richard too ) to sniff at her smell, before a bath or after a bath it doesn't make any different. I wish I can bottle her smell because just a small sniff of her fragrance it spell LOVABLE big time! It's so addicting!!!!

When I smell her, I felt my heart just melt like a warm honey liquid....all warm and sweet....

And when I hear he laughter...I felt so much JOY!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Discovering A Nearby Park

These past 2 weeks, we just found out that near to our home, about 3 blocks away only maybe, there is great community center that has a big park, fun playgrounds, outdoor swimming pool with 2 slides, several tennis courts, one soccer field, and probably other things too since I haven't have the chance to explore all of them yet.

What embarrassing is, we lived here for over 2 years and now when the time is getting nearer to our move back to Indonesia and we just found out that we miss this great place!

We spent about 2 hrs in this park. Kai Kai as you can see for yourself was having a great time while I sit there playing with La La who also enjoying looking around the park. I put her pictures on the next post for her 5 month birthday story.

Farewell Richmond Montessori Children House

This is my tribute to Kai Kai's school and the teachers in there...

3 years ago, I was out searching for the perfect school for Kai Kai. I want a school that has a heart. That is warm and loving. I went to look for several private school and montessori schools. From big to small. From the one that is at the church basement, mall, until the one that has it's own big building. But only one that filled exactly to the dots to the requirements that I want and that school is Richmond Montessori Children House.

This is a small school that is located at the end of the road, tuck in between natural walking trail and a working farm. Absolutely quiet and peaceful with lots of fresh air, bunnies running around, hummingbirds buzzing around, horse walking nearby, and even bald eagle!

The heart of this school is the principal and the owner too, Miss Linda. Before becoming a teacher, she used to be a missionaries in South America. A seasoned teacher maybe with 40 years of experience if not more. A very loving, graceful, gentle, and sensitive person. An artist too who love music, dancing, singing and yoga. She is truly the epitome of a true kindergarten teacher.

Not only that she is a great teacher, she takes it one step further by caring for the children's parents as well. She makes who ever send their children to her school become part of her extended family. She never forgets any little things that I said to her about my family. She worries about me when I was hospitalized when I gave birth to La La. I can always talk to her in the school or call her at home to talk about anything. She makes you feel so welcome. And she is a genuine person.

Her kindness also extended to the teachers in training who do their practicum in her school. They always spoke so highly of her on how she inspired them to be a better teacher and a better person. To be more like her.

So yes. I am sad, very sad that now it's time to take Kai Kai out from this perfect school because this school doesn't have a primary school for once and second, we are going to move to Indonesia very soon where Kai Kai will start his first grade there.

Pic: Miss Briggite, Kai Kai's morning teacher, Miss Linda is his Afternoon teacher. She is leaving the school to teach on different school that nearer to her house next term.

Beside Miss Linda, Miss Brigitte, there are Mr. Mark, and Miss Carrie. And off course several teacher assistances who work there so they can have enough hours to apply for their teacher's license.

So here are the rest of Kai Kai's friends photos from school. We said goodbyes to all of them ...

Pic: Saying their grace before eating lunch together.