Saturday, June 10, 2006

My Date With My Son

I have a great day today with Kai Kai. We had a date today to see Cars, the newest Disney movie. It was my husband's suggestion that I should be the one to take Kai Kai to see Cars today because he knows that since La La was born, most of my time was taken by her. It's hard to spend time with Kai Kai when I have to take care of baby, clean the house, grocery shopping and cooking too. While on the other hand, Richard, even though he is working but on Friday, he is the one who has to take Kai Kai to his swimming class and sometimes after the end of the class, they went out together somewhere before they go home. Or on Saturday morning when again Richard has to take Kai Kai to his Chinese class, sometimes they ended up going somewhere else too after the class finish.

So today we went to see this movie together. Kai Kai was super excited to see this movie because he is just like every other boys, he is absolutely crazy about cars.

I let him be the leader today. I asked him if he wants to buy any snacks, he said no, he just wanted to sit inside the theater right away. I told him that we are way too early actually, about 30 minutes early, but he said that's fine. When we were inside, I asked him where would he like to sit, and he pick our chairs. Then I asked him again for the last time if he wants to buy snacks or drinks since the theater is still empty. But he still refused, because he is so excited to see the movie.

I can tell that he enjoy the movie very much. I spent half the time watching the movie and spent the other half watching his face in the dark. It gave me so much pleasure when his face lit up watching all the actions on the screen!

After the movie ended, outside the theater, there is a Xbox promotion. They have 5 flat screen TV with 5 X-box games on them. One of them is this Cars game. So I let Kai Kai tried the game for like 20 minutes. I just stand there watching him having fun with the TV games. Then when I asked if he had enough, he said yes, and we went home which is only like 5 minute away from the theater ...

If you have kids... Cars is a really great movie to take your children to see.

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