Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Happy 4 Months Birthday Sweetheart

Time really flies when you have a great time, and that's how I describe the time I spent with my beloved daughter La La. I could not believe that she is 4 months now and how much she has grow, how much she can do now compare to when she was born.

Now, she can hold her neck pretty strong and she start to enjoy the time when I put her on her belly. She can stay that way longer and longer. She can also turn herself from facing down to facing up by herself. Since her neck is stronger, she can turn her head left and right to see around her.

Another thing, she is like a social butterfly now. She is not shy with strangers, as long as they talk to her in soft voice. I think because everyday, I have to bring her to Kai Kai's school 2 times. When it's time to send KK to school and when I have to pick him up from school and usually this time , some of the kids always trying to talk to La La. There is one girl in Kai Kai's school who loves La La very much and she never miss a day without playing with La La. And La La return her attention back by talking to that girl ( Her name is Greace ). Coincidently, Greace mom's name is also Lala, but it's a Russian name, because they are Russian.

When I tried to make this video clip to show you how La La loves to coo and giggle, I found out that if I don't try to hard by talking to her first, she will talk more. The less I talk, the more she felt she needs to fill the silent with her voice.

I couldn't get a video of La La's laugh though because I need someone else to hold the camera. So just let me tell you that this girl, can laugh a long time and so loud! My father who calls me every other day, overheard La La laugh so loud when she was being tease by Richard, he was so amaze at how loud her laughter is. This is so opposite from her cries that is so soft that many times we couldn't even hear it when she cries in her room.

La La also loves to suck her fingers now. She doesn't want to suck on the pacifier any longer. I guess her fingers are tastier.

This month, Kai Kai gave her another birthday gift. In his Chinese class, he learn to make a triangle, I guess to represent Bak Cang, a sticky rice filled with meat, dried shrimp, eggs then wrapped in leaves. This dish usually serve during Dragon Boat Festival which is just around the corner. Kai Kai hang his triangle on La La's gym toy so she can play with it. Off course, she would rather suck on it until the paper start to melt....

La La also loves it when we walk her around. What I mean is that usually I walk on my knees ( Oh my aching back! ), then I hold her up so she can walk. She already knows that she needs to move one leg at a time and she even know how to turn to left or right or turn back. My job is just holding her upright only. It's fun to see what actually she is attracted to. I let her decide where to go. When Kai Kai saw this, he also wants to help her walk and I let him walk her around the room. He is pretty gentle with her so I am not worry at all.

She also loves to see herself in the mirror ..."mirror...mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"

La La also start to loves toys. She is very curious but the different between La La and Kai Kai, Kai Kai really has no fear at all, he will just grab anything while La La only grab at things that I offer them first to her. I guess I am going to have an easier time ahead when she start walking. Thank God! When Kai Kai start to crawl, the first thing he crawl to is the electric socket. Then when I gave him a walker, he glide straight to the electric socket and try to put his fingers in it! Then when he can walk on his own, he walk straight again to the electric socket and try to stick his tongue in it! WHAT IS IT ABOUT HIM AND ELECTRIC SOCKET ANYWAY????? Luckily I baby proofed the whole house right after he was born!

Alright, so here are some pictures of La La that you can enjoy ...

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