Monday, June 26, 2006


Kai Kai has been saying that he wants to play golf for several days and at first Richard thought he was just kidding but since he never stop asking Richard to take him to the golf course, we finally listen to him and start looking for a mini golf course. It turn out the nearest mini golf course is really near, is just 3 minutes from our home by car.

We found out that there are 15 golf courses or golf ranges around our home! From small to big. There is a bigger one even closer to us, just 1 minute away.

That day when we promise to take him to play golf, Kai Kai switched the TV channel from the usual FoodTV network or cartoon to Golf channel to see how to learn to play golf he said. Funny boy....

When we arrived in the mini golf place, he kept saying that he already know how to play golf. But after a while he realize that golf is not as easy as it looks but he keep on learning. This mini golf has 18 holes. By 12th holes, Kai Kai start to understand how to put the golf ball into the hole. By the 14th holes, he did less strokes to put the ball into the hole. By the 16th holes, he did less than 3 strokes! By the 18th holes, he almost made a hole-in-one even though he hold the club wrong! I was laughing like crazy because at first Richard kept teasing him because Kai Kai had to hit the ball so many times to put it in the hole but at then end Kai Kai beat Richard fair and square few times! Before the game finished I told Kai Kai that if he can beat his daddy even just one time I will buy him a set of junior golf clubs ( used one off course! ).

Well... he did beat Richard few times in fact, so yesterday Richard went to a used sport store to buy him his first golf clubs with the bag too. It cost about $ 30 for the clubs and another $ 30 for the bag because it's new.

They went practicing golf 2 times more since then and one time more with the new clubs.

I am not dreaming of creating another Tiger Woods, as long as my son stays outdoor exercising and stays fit, I am happy.


eliza said...

hebat nih KK udah belajar golf! si nathan kayaknya bisa kali ya diajak ke mini golf. foto2nya LL lucu2, ada yg lagi ketawa, mirip kamu tuh...:)
sedih loh udah mau balik ke indo, jadinya tgl berapa nih?

Cindy said...

Good job KK! Yo, sapa tahu nanti tahu2 aku baca di majalah sport kalo KK udah jadi golf!